October 5th, 2004

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Better Day

Ah, mutual hatred. David and I got into a shouting match last night through my, now locked because I'm sick of him coming in uninvited, door. He said I'm cold and evil and that's why no one cares about me. Then that he's only ever been nice to me. He also hopes I'll move out soon otherwise he might have to.

I think this is punishment for not taking the small room. I could have been living with two girls who it sounds like I'd get on well with. Yes I'd have a tiny room and no proper shower and a bit of a walk that I wouldn't like to do in the dark but maybe that would be a small price to pay for friends.

Anyway, on to the good news. I got a letter from America this morning. Yay for Jeni letters! I've read it quite a few times over and over again and started to write a reply. So I'm not going to say any more about it here.

I met up with Gill. She didn't have time for me at 11 so I went to the library to do some research on Charlemagne and we met up at 1. She said she'd set me up with someone in the office and they'd help with my tutors and things. I also asked her to help me see the doctor again, which was good.

Oh, and I now have a plan. She was talking about one of the girls in the house (that I mentioned earlier) and how shocked she was that she went to America by herself. And she was asking me if I had friends online so I mentioned that I have a really good friend in America who I want to go and see but am too scared to and she suggested I make it my plan to go see her in the holidays. Probably Easter. So that's my plan. Well, that and not dropping out of uni again. My two plans.

Of course America is a scary, paranoid country and I'm really not sure I want their government to have my fingerprints on record... Gill says I have nothing to worry about since I haven't done anything but I'm one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists who doesn't trust them that much.
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