September 10th, 2004

DW River hair

Yet again.

Quick question: Is it too much to expect people to actually keep to arrangements they make?

I suppose I should just be happy they didn't cancel completely. I wouldn't put that past them. But the meal went ahead as planned, although I was expecting more people. Jess moved the date because one of them couldn't make it and then he didn't come anyway, so that was a bit weird.

Is it me? Last year they said they'd come round for a sleepover and cancelled on me the night before and this year Emma was supposed to stay tonight but texts me to cancel as they're on their way. Again, her staying was HER idea not mine.

And of course this is just my birthday, then there's all the other times throughout the year they cancel things. I really should know by now not to trust any arrangements I make with them.
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