September 7th, 2004

DW River hair


I'm old...OLD!!

It's 12:23pm, which means that I have now turned 21.


See, all my cards have my age on! It's because I'm losing my memory in my old age, isn't it? I even have a badge to wear, so other people can remind me. Isn't that nice?

Emma gave me the badge and a silver bracelet, which is really pretty. She also mentioned in her card "remember you can now legally drink in America." So good to see she has her priorities straight!

Mum and Dad gave me a watch. It's a very fancy, gold Gucci watch and I cannot help but remember my track record with watches. I've had probably about five in the last few years because I break them all!

And now, I shall lament some more about being old. You're supposed to be responsible once you reach 21, aren't you? Eek!
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