August 28th, 2004

DW River hair

Icon Suckage Yay!

I think my TV loves me.

I was just flicking through the channels and I decide to randomly watch a film. A couple of minutes later I'm going "Oh my god! Tara's in this film!!" So I calm down and about ten seconds later I'm going "Oh my god! Faith is in this film!!"

And now Tara and Faith are on screen together.

Yes, it is indeed Bye Bye Love. A film that has so many people I recognise from other things that it's hurting my brain. Faith and Tara are friends. Amy Gray has hideous hair. Professor Walsh went by a bit earlier and Paul Buchman is talking about women with someone who is not Ira but looks vaguely similar to him.

Back to the internet, I've been making more icons:

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