July 30th, 2004

DW River hair

Vegan Marshmallows!

Puzzletome is giving me a headache. The second contest started last night. I'm on 2.2 at the moment, I think Mum's a couple ahead. The worst part is that she's going to be ratty and pissed off and spend all her time complaining and whining until she finishes it. Especially later on when the puzzles get really difficult.

I want vegan marshmallows. I saw them on an advert for veganstore in my VIVA magazine and went to the website but they're sold out. Apparently they're so popular you're not allowed to buy more than two bags at a time. I've wanted veggie marshmallows for a while now but I wasn't sure they even existed. I guess everyone else did too and that's why I can't buy any!

I watched John Kerry's speech last night, I really hope he wins.
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