July 24th, 2004

DW River hair


There was a snake on the stairs. It was a small grass snake, very sweet. We took photos of it like gawping tourists who've never seen a snake before then I caught it in a glass and took it outside.

Also today Mum and I filled out my student loan application. Should have been done ages ago except the company didn't send me a form so I had to email them asking for one. Sometimes I think the universe doesn't want me to go back to uni, what with this and with Rachel still not replying to my emails.

Plus, I can't remember when I find out what courses I'm doing. I sent off my choices months ago. Do they send confirmation? Do I have to check online? Do I look up the timetable, just go to the courses and hope I'm supposed to be there? This is silly, I did it last year so I should remember what I did then.

But I really shouldn't be worrying about this now. No, now is for worrying about my writing mark and the fact that the story I wrote was a whiny, cliche non-story.
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