July 23rd, 2004

DW River hair


I need to submit my story. I could do it now or I could leave it till later today, after I've slept.

I'm so nervous about submitting it because I'm really worried that it's not right. I don't know if it counts as a story, because there's not much plot. It's a letter.

Does that count? I mean, it's a piece of fiction I've written in prose form. Does that constitute a story? I hope so, it's too late to write anything else.

I should just submit it, shouldn't I? Just get it over with and go to sleep and try not to worry myself to death in the however long it is until I get my results.
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    I Will Not Forget You - Sarah McLachlan
DW River hair


I did it. I read it through again, really I've read it so many times it's completely meaningless, and decided to just get it over with. So it's done, gone, and that's the end of my course.

Drat, this means I'm going to have to do all those things I kept telling myself I'd get round to after this was finished.
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    Good Enough - Sarah McLachlan