May 19th, 2004

DW River hair

Pub Quiz

What language was the New Testament originally written in? Greek! What is the anagram of I'm Tory Plan B? Tony Blair PM! What was said to be the victim of a calculated and malicious hoax? The Daily Mirror!

Just a few questions that I got right in the pub quiz.

WE WON!!!!! WOO!!

I got the choice about which envelope to pick. I didn't get the jackpot, I chose wine. I think that was the student in me being drawn to the alcohol. Kevin was nice and gave us a bottle each!
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DW River hair


I really should go outside more often, I've just been in the garden and it's beautiful. There are forget-me-nots everywhere creating a lovely purple blanket on the grass by the middle path and strawberry flowers poking out between the cracks on the steps. There are gooseberries on the gooseberry bush too, I tried a couple but they're not quite not-quite-ripe yet. (I like to eat them before they've ripened completely.)

There are also pigeons fighting on the patio. I guess it's not all beautiful!

In other news, I can't get to sd-1. Probably because there are so many people there most likely complaining about Alias not being shown till January. I would feel sorry for them, if we didn't have to wait till March to see the new season. And that's assuming there'll be a channel willing to show it at all!

What else? Oh, I've had some feedback of my story on my writing course. Mostly positive, which is good but quite a few people want to know how the stalker could intercept her post. I think the problem is I said "house" when I meant "student accommodation where incoming letters are placed in sections in the entrance for the recipient to pick up themselves."
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