May 4th, 2004

DW River hair

Oklahoma or New York?

See, people should listen to me. I usually keep quiet unless I'm pretty sure of what I'm saying, which isn't often. At the pub quiz tonight there was a question asking which is the only American state to have the name of the state in the capital city.

I said Oklahoma. The others on my team said New York.

The capital of New York is Albany. The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. They were so certain it was New York and made such a fuss that the quiz guy eventually gave it to them. I know I shouldn't complain since they were my team so I got the point too but the fact is it was wrong!

And yes, on a completely egotistical note, it did also detract from the fact that I WAS RIGHT!

And once again I stink of smoke. I really hate that.
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