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More Red Carpet

Puss in Boots has weird slicked back hair. And Paul just said what I was thinking, which is that he looks so old.

Ooh, Melanie Griffith. She looks too normal, I didn't recognise her.

It's SJP! Ok, I see the eye make up now. It looks like her eyes have gone mouldy or something. Not a good look. Her dress does not look any better close up though. Last year I changed my opinion about her dress after seeing it in full but I doubt that will happen this year.

Miley Cyrus looks much better this year than she did last year. Her dress is not swallowing her this time.

Oy, Angela. Stop ignoring Colin Firth. We love Colin Firth.

Oh, we're looking back at last year's Oscars. Why? Hmm, I didn't realise Tom Ford talking about his film was the highlight of last year's Oscars. Methinks they've played the wrong thing.

Meryl Streep, not too bad. Better than last year but still not what I would call a good Oscar dress.

Demi Moore...what the hell is that thing you're wearing?
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