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Redheads Picspam

Ok, so I'm really getting into this list thing, although I do wish I could think up a better name for them than 'lists'.

This time I have done a picspam celebrating my favourite redheaded ladies from television.

Redheads title card

Honourable Mention

Kari ByronPaige Matthews
Donna NobleJenny Shepard

Kari Byron Mythbusters ~*~ Paige Matthews Charmed
Donna Noble Doctor Who ~*~ Jenny Shepard NCIS


Beverly Crusher
Star Trek: The Next Generation

BC allgoodthings0492BC attached168
BC bestofbothworldsone630BC chainofcommandpartone213
BC disaster010BC ethics023
BC nakednow028BC neutralzone055
BC remember020BC remember244
BC symbiosis143BC thechase172
BC thehighground063BC thequalityoflife003


Xena: Warrior Princess

G asc032G mb075
G itadith118G btdt046
G oow057G rn106
G tbs131G tgg018
G tgg001G te054
G tgk068G ttb004
G ttb057G wp034


Emma Pillsbury

EP Glee-101_0124EP Glee-101_0395
EP Glee-101_0471EP Glee-102_0418
EP Glee-103_0057EP Glee-104_0061
EP Glee-105_0023EP Glee-105_0254
EP Glee-105_0455EP Glee-106_0004
EP Glee-106_0129EP Glee-106_0186
EP Glee-106_0243EP Glee-106_0497


Willow Rosenberg
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

WR Doppelgangland017WR Halloween_369
WR Phases_262WR Phases_489
WR after_life_265WR BargainingI_221
WR buffy401_009WR buffy410_626
WR entropy_666WR Family637
WR Gift368WR omwf_248
WR seeing_red_326WR Triangle228


Laura Roslin
Battlestar Galactica

LR 0029LR 0032
LR 0034LR 0139 (1)LR 0139LR 0166
LR 0201LR 0365
LR 0394LR 0475
LR 3x05_0846LR 3x09_0310
LR 3x13_0210LR 3x16_0103


Dana Scully
The X-Files
DS diehand (45)DS geth (1)
DS ghostachine (1)DS Nisei (33)
DS teliko (17)DS The Erlenmeyer Flask (10)
DStalitha (14)DS alone
DS beginning (8)DS emily (30)
DS jesouhaite (12)DS jumpshark (4)
DS millenium (7)DS provenance (1)


Sara Tancredi
Prison Break

ST 108-13ST 106-47
ST 107-141ST 109-104
ST 110-158ST 116-224
ST 120-437ST 201-357
ST 211-070ST 210-219
ST 213-032ST 258
ST 296ST 419-400



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