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The Run Up

It's Oscar time of year again! I was looking at the nominations last night and I'm very disappointed that Star Trek isn't nominated for Best Picture. I'm also upset that Up is because this means that Beauty and the Beast is no longer the only animated film to have that honour. (Yes, I am aware that I'm being petty and selfish. Deal with it.)

I plan to continue the tradition (that I started last year) of staying up to watch the live show while making LJ posts about all the goings on. Most of my commentary last year was about the dresses and the awesomeness of Hugh Jackman. Hopefully this year's hosts will provide me with similar amounts of amusement, although I doubt anything can top the opening musical number.

I also plan to do predictions again, although my ability to make informed choices will be hampered by the fact that out of all the films nominated for various awards I have seen a grand total of three of them. And none of those three are nominated for any of the big awards, they're all things like make-up and sound editing.
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