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Soil Fish

"Few television shows have a fan base as faithfully and dedicatedly obsessed with their every detail as ABC's "Alias."

Just had to put that here cos it's funny. And so true. "Dedicatedly obsessed!" Hehe. Abrams Promises to Fix 'Alias'

By the way, I'm not really here. I'm working on a story. Yep. I am. Really. *bangs head* I need to write this stupid story and I have no stupid ideas. Or good ideas, which would actually be a lot better than stupid ideas.

So I'm using random story idea generators. There was the one that Jeni showed me that I can't find any more. I could go to SD-1 to check my PMs to find the link but I'm avoiding that place cos it's addictive and sucks me in. There is no escape!!

Anyway, I was searching on google and found a story idea generator and you know what I got? Lava doom. Yep, that sounds perfect. I'll write a story on lava doom!

It's Robert's birthday tomorrow and the DVDs still haven't arrived. Mum says she's ordered something from Amazon that I can give him but they haven't arrived yet either! When I mentioned that I'd got him something from ebay she said that I had a parcel today so that could be it but actually what I got today was her present. So it's good that that's here. I hope the DVDs come tomorrow, if they do I'll just give him the parcel.

Ok, story idea generator number two: carapace sentence. What the fuck? Ok, apparently carapace is the thick shell that covers turtles and tortoises and such. Suddenly lava doom seems so sensible.

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