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Christmas Ranting

Today's Writers Block question: Have you ever walked off a job on the spot? What drove you to it? Did you regret it afterwards?

Hilariously appropriate because I am so very tempted to do exactly that and it's only my constant reminding myself of the consequences that stops me.

For one thing the stockroom is fucking freezing cos the heating doesn't work. We've got little portable heaters but they only warm the area directly in front of them, which isn't overly useful when the job involves walking up and down the stockroom. The result is a lot of unhappy staff who can't feel their fingers and customers who actually comment on how cold their items are when we bring them out.

Also, I can see my breath at the very back of the stockroom. THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!

Another thing is that the company I work for is made up of miserable Scrooges. I suggested we dress up for Christmas Eve cos dressing up is fun and makes people happy. But no, apparently our area manager thinks it doesn't look professional. IT'S FUCKING CHRISTMAS EVE! WE CAN'T DRESS UP ONE DAY OF THE YEAR?! One of my colleagues is pleased with this as she hates the idea of dressing up and refuses to even put on a Santa hat. Miserable Scrooges everywhere!

Of course miserable Scrooges are not limited to work, they're in my family too. Once again I seemed to be the only person who actually cared about decorating the house this year. Mum did a lot too but I think that was because she saw how important it was to me. Dad and Robert didn't really care. Dad even suggested putting the tree in the side passage. For those of you who don't know my house, imagine a utility room attached to the kitchen. Yes, he wanted to put the tree in a room we only go into a few times a day and always with the purpose of doing something else. Surely the tree should be somewhere you spend a lot of time, like the living room.

Fortunately I was very insistent and there is a very nice, highly decorated (by Mum and myself) tree over on the other side of the room I am currently in.

But I am trying (and kinda failing) not to let it all get me down and I am determined to enjoy Christmas this year. I have high hopes for this weekend and seeing London's Christmas decorations. Don't fail me London!
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