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I'm an idiot

It's official. I'm stupid.

I was on ebay, found something for Robert and after much debating decided to get it. But I didn't pay close enough attention to the payment things and it says I'll be contacted with details. I don't like this, I want the nice simple payment where I follow the link and send money.

*bangs head*

And it's all my own fault. I should have read it more carefully. I read everything about a billion times in order to stop this kind of thing. I just saw 'Paypal' and didn't think that it might be more complicated. The good thing is that when they contact me I'll just pay with Paypal but I really wish I could just do it normally.

I know, this is really not cause for concern but it worries me. I'm trying to look on the bright side. This is a way for me to develop confidence by doing it this way. (I'm not sure how that works, but if I'm feeling nervous about it and make myself do it that's got to be good for something, right?)

The bad thing is one of the reasons I bought this particular thing was because I need it before next Friday and having to wait to be contacted means I might not get it in time. Damn.

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