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Halloween Pictures

Ok, I know it's a few days late, but I have Halloween pictures! I didn't post them on Sunday cos I was packing and getting ready for Sydney (yay!), I didn't post them yesterday cos I was at work until 8pm (boo!) and I didn't post them on Monday cos I'm lazy like that.


First we have Robert and Kat's. Robert did the ghost while Kat did the tree.


Then we have the peppers. I did the green and orange ones on Thursday while Rob and Kat were carving their pumpkins. Paul did the red and yellow on Halloween proper cos he finished his pumpkin way before me.


Paul's pumpkin. With his peppers at the side.


My pumpkin in a pumpkin.


I love this picture. :)

Once again, a most excellent Halloween. No Trick or Treaters this year so we have a bag of chocolate we'll just have to eat ourselves. Oh the hardship!
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