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Halloween Eve

So, it's FRIDAY and that means CAPSLOCK day.

For some reason writing feels HARD. I've been TIRED all week, possibly because of the CLOCKS (damn clocks) or possibly because work has been very BUSY (damn customers).

I've also been subjected to more CHRISTMAS songs at work. And they're not JUST Christmas songs, oh no, they're BELOVED Christmas songs covered by UNSIGNED artists and they OFFEND my very being. I have to LISTEN to these artists RUIN songs that I love OVER and OVER again.

But looking on the BRIGHT SIDE (if there is one) is that it makes listening to CHRISTMAS music in OCTOBER not so bad because it's not PROPER Christmas music.

It is still VERY ANNOYING though.

Well, ENOUGH of that. It's HALLOWEEN tomorrow! YAY! I have PUMPKINS to carve. Robert and Kat did theirs YESTERDAY while I carved some PEPPERS instead.

There were HALLOWEEN treats and CAKE in the staff room at work courtesy of the one member of staff who takes day even more SERIOUSLY than I do. It was truly DELICIOUS cake.

I am currently drinking AUSTRALIAN wine. Only ONE week to go!
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