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Lovely London

This weekend I went up to London to see after_thought16 and take pictures with my shiny new camera. I ended up taking 241 shots but don't worry, I haven't posted them all. Just 13. Mmm, lucky 13.


First we went to Greenwich. This is the view from up the hill the Royal Observatory sits on. 'Tis very pretty, shame it's all a bit grey.


I said I'd take a picture of time, and here it is. You can just see the Prime Meridian on the other side of the fence.


Apparently Henry VIII is doing stand up comedy at the Tower of London. Who knew? Actually, it's a display of his armour but I prefer my idea.


This is the Slow Food market where I bought some ciabatta bread and red chilli olive oil. The guy there is really enthusiastic about his olive oil!


This is a structure made of cardboard. No I don't know why.


Inside the cardboard tower.


London at night. I think this is my favourite of all the pictures from the weekend.


The London Eye. Sorry it's a bit blurry. The camera was on night mode and I didn't have anything to steady myself against.


Sunday was a a brighter day. We went to Hyde Park and I chose this picture to represent that because this squirrel is so cute! Look at him! Awwww.


Speaker's Corner. Most of the speakers have groups of people listening to them. The lady in orange is just reading from the Bible and has no one. I think she's kinda missing the point of the place.


A little bit of America in London.


And a little bit of Canada. It took me four goes to get a picture of the flag flying out like that. Clearly God loves America more.


A pretty picture to end on. With the ubiquitous Starbucks in the corner.

So that was my weekend. It was fun, although by the end I was about ready to collapse. My bag was damn heavy, which is worrying since I'm planning to use it for Sydney and my shoulder still aches now.
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