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Alas, 'tis no longer my birthday. The celebrations have come to an end and I am now just a normal 26 year old with nothing special going on.

Ysterday was good, even though I did have a dentist appointment in the morning. Not the best way to start your birthday.

My family and I went to the pub at lunchtime. The weather wasn't great, which was a shame. Especially since it was warm and sunny today and would have been very nice pub weather. Apparently this is my fault for not being born on the 8th. :p

Later on we got Indian food for dinner. Robert and I went to collect it and I was wearing a 'Birthday Girl' ribbon so the guys there gave me a dessert while we were waiting, which was very sweet of them. Then they gave one to Robert too, even though it wasn't his birthday! Shocking.

Yeah, I may be a little drunk again. I got a bottle of fizz as a present and we drank most of it yesterday but there was still a little left so I've just finished it off. I'm not sure I should feel as drunk as I do off of one glass but I guess that's what happens when you get old.
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