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Epic Birthday Celebrations

So, I have decided that this year I am having a three day birthday celebration. This is day two of the joyous event and so far it is going most excellently.

Yesterday contained the awesomeness of Avenue Q, which is still hilarious even on the third viewing, and dinner at Ed's. Personally I loved the high stools and music there. The food was very filling so I'm going to have to go back another time to try their desserts.

Afterwards we walked around London for a bit, which was lovely since it is very pretty at night. And there was ice cream. Ice cream is always good. As is Polish vodka, which was also involved in the fun.

I also discovered that Paul has a very nice house and a very nice housemate. I brought the sacred offering of Dave and therefore hope I will be welcome back in the future.

Today was less action-packed but still fun. It was like a taste of Canada - we had cinnabons for breakfast, waited for a train and I am currently drinking Molson. I also have lots of American sweets from CyberCandy but I am resisting eating them until after my dentist appointment tomorrow.

Tomorrow, of course, being the culmination of my birthday celebrations and the actual day I turn 26. At which point I will officially no longer be a young person according to National Rail. I presume this means I will be qualified to pass judgement on the youth of today. Excellent.
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