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This CAPSLOCK entry may be slightly LATER than usual because I was at WORK until SIX THIRTY today. The joys of a new CATALOGUE. On the BRIGHT SIDE I am NOT WORKING tomorrow. This makes me HAPPY. I get to have a TWO DAY WEEKEND again! YAY!

My father just got up for a BEER and it reminded me that I have no DRINK yet. I'm amazed at this OVERSIGHT on my part.


I TOO have BEER.

The WEATHER is very NICE now. Hard to believe it was POURING with RAIN earlier.

I have a LOT of COKE bottles with codes for FREE SONGS from iTunes. The trouble is they have to come from their SUMMER SONGS list and I'm woefully OUT OF TOUCH with music and am having a hard time DECIDING what I want. It doesn't help that the Coke Zone website is ABSOLUTE SHIT and annoys the HELL out of me.
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