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Firstly, I feel I should confirm that I am still ALIVE. This is AMAZING. The COLLAPSING and DYING is still a possibility though for the week is not yet OVER.

YES, that's right, I am WORKING TOMORROW. I have to be at work at 8:30 in the MORNING on SATURDAY. To do DELIVERY. I hope it's all done before MIDDAY because I want to GO HOME and have an AFTERNOON.

Still, even though I have to be up EARLY tomorrow, that doesn't mean I can't DRINK now. This week I have PIMMS. It is very NICE, It has STRAWBERRIES and RASPBERRIES and GRAPES in it. I like FRUIT.

Hopefully I will SURVIVE and get to ENJOY Sunday. A WHOLE day off will be LOVELY. And the chance to REST will be very much APPRECIATED. Once again my LEGS hurt, but my ELBOWS also hurt. My left ELBOW is PARTICULARLY PAINFUL, which is quite WORRYING.

In an UNRELATED note, Andy MURRAY is out of WIMBLEDON. Maybe now everyone will SHUT UP about it.
Tags: capslock, drinking, food, ouchies, sport, whining, work

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