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Too Hot

I'm going to die. I really think I'm going to collapse and die before this week is over.

It's too hot for my job. I've been trying to write a witty entry about my day but the heat has melted my brain, so I'm just going to give you the basic facts and you can work it out yourself:

* We're in a heatwave
* We had lots of customers today
* Every time someone buys something a picker has to go get it
* All our paddling pools, super-soakers and large fans are kept in the upper stock room
* Getting to the upper stock room involves walking all the way through the lower stock room and up the stairs
* There is no air conditioning in the upper stock room and it feels like an oven
* A lot of the time I was the only person picking

On the bright side, I'm probably going to be very fit. If I'm not dead first.
Tags: weather, whining, work

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