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Of Computers and Ogres.

I have my computer back! Yay! I have my keyboard, which I can write on without making mistakes every few letters and actually feels right. I love my computer. *hugs computer*

Although, it's not entirely my computer. My brother's old laptop is exactly the same as mine so Dad took them both apart and rebuilt mine with pieces from Robert's. The bottom part used to be part of Robert's so the headphone socket works which means I now get sound in both ears! AND I don't need to tape it in at a certain angle any more! Yay again!

Although it seems that in order to keep the world in balance I had to lose one love to get another back. Fortunately she won't be gone for long. *misses Jeni already*

But on the bright side, maybe she'll call and we'll talk and I can hear her voice and she can hear me squeaking nervously! Won't that be fun?

Did I mention I love typing with this keyboard?

Mum, Dad and I went to see Shrek 2 today, it was such a great film. Really fun and feel-good and I loved the music. Is there a soundtrack? *checks* Yes there is. I think I will be buying this soundtrack from Amazon and while I'm there I might get the atheism book I was looking at. Speaking of which, religion is damn expensive! I put the atheism book on my list then went looking for the recommended theism book to get the other side and it's over twice the price!

Hmm, maybe getting books isn't a good idea. I need to focus on my writing course at the moment. Still need to write this story. Well, first I need to get through block 5 which I haven't started yet. Then I need to write the story, and I really want it to be good.

But right now I need to find something to buy on Amazon for at least £5.21 in order to get free delivery.

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