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What is it...

I have this nagging feeling that I've forgotten something really important but I don't know what.

Let's see:

I've emailed Rachel about the house in Whitstable. I'm waiting for a reply. When I know for certain either way I need to email Gill. I feel bad about not taking her house.

I'm up to block 4 on my writing course. I'm still trying to work out what my story should be about. It's due in on the 23rd July so I have time before I start worrying too much.

I need to buy birthday presents for both my mother and brother. Their birthdays are now rapidly approaching. I've been looking on ebay but maybe I should actually go out (scary thought as it is.)

Is that it? I feel like there should be more, quite possibly the important thing I've forgotten. I'm also worried that I got Rachel's email wrong but I'll wait a few days and try again if I don't hear anything from her.

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