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Recaps Return Yet Again

I pretty much gave up on my Prison Break recaps but with the new episode on tonight, I've felt inspired to continue.

First of all, here's a recap I actually wrote weeks ago and never got around to posting:

Episode 4.13 Deal or No Deal

Location: Warehouse of Betrayal and Lies

Lincoln: Ok, next time I see that guy he’s losing his face.

Michael: Let’s be rational about this and call Homeland Security.


Location: Homeland Security

Phone: *rings*

Herb: *answers*

Self (on phone): Scofield and Burrows shot me! They’re totally the bad guys.


Location: Parked Car of Theatrics

Self: Now that they think I’m dead, you’re going to take me to Gretchen.

T-Bag: Sure.


Location: Warehouse

Michael: Actually, let’s not call them. They might be in on it too.

Mahone: We should probably leave here, since they know where we are and all that.


Location: Evil Company Headquarters

*There is a meeting of the Evil Cardholders*

General Pad Man: So, certain recent events have screwed us over but that’s all gonna change now.

Cardholder Scuderi: You suck at this.

General Pad Man: *Shoots him*

Lisa: Eep.


Location: Warehouse

*Homeland Security arrives*

*Michael and co are watching from a safe distance*

Michael’s phone: *rings*

Herb (on phone): Why don’t you come back and talk?

Michael: We want some assurances first.

Herb: Well then, maybe you shouldn’t have killed two federal agents and stolen Scylla.

Michael: Wait, what? Self set us up!

Herb: A likely story.


Location: Hotel Room

Lincoln: My solution to this is to kill ‘em all.

Michael: That’s stupid. All we need to do is find Self and prove he’s the bad guy.

Sucre: I think we should head down to Mexico.

Dr Sara: No… I refuse to let season three happen again.

Michael: We’re not running again, we’re going to bring the Evil Company down.

Sucre: Hey, look at this.

TV news report: Earlier today, Cole Pfeiffer went nuts and took his office hostage.


Location: Evil Company Headquarters

General Pad Man: T-Bag and Gretchen are holding up sales companies now? Whatever, just find them.

Lisa: Daddy, I’m still disturbed by the callous way you shot a man to death earlier.

General Pad Man: That’s the way the Evil Company works, sweetheart. Embrace it or get out.


Location: Hotel Room

Mahone: You know Self is planning to sell Scylla.

Michael: Which means we’ve got to deal with Evil Gretchen again.


Location: Self’s Car

T-Bag: I have to say, your plan to use Michael and co to do all the work and then leave them to take the blame is inspired.

Self: Do you ever shut up?


Location: Hotel

Dr Sara: You know you really, REALLY need surgery as soon as possible.

Michael: No, I must be heroic and selfless and bring down the company first.


Location: House

Evil Gretchen: Yoo hoo, anyone home?

Dead Asians: *Are littered around the place*

Evil Gretchen: Oh.

Gretchen’s Phone: *rings*

Lincoln (on phone): Self double crossed us. Any idea where he could be?

Evil Gretchen: Probably looking for a new buyer. Meet you in half an hour at the park.

Gretchen’s phone: *rings again*

Self: I have your sister and daughter at gunpoint. Perhaps you should pop round?


Location: Hotel

Sucre: So, we know we can’t trust Gretchen, right?

Lincoln: I think we have to. To the park we go!


Location: Senator Dallow’s Office

Dallow: Why aren’t there more people looking for these convicted criminals?

Herb: Because the whole thing was super secret and we need to keep it that way.

*A man, Richard Souter, enters*

Souter: Hey there, I’m a US Marshall here to get to the bottom of this whole mess. Why don’t you fill me in?


Location: Park

*Michael, Sucre, Lincoln and Sara are all set up in various positions ready for the meeting*


Location: Rita’s House of Hostages

*Rita and Emily are at gunpoint*

*Evil Gretchen arrives*

Self: This is all your fault, you know. If you hadn’t tricked me into going to Feng’s house, he’d still be alive and I’d have my buyer. But since I don’t, I want you to find me a new one.

*Self checks Gretchen’s phone*

Self: And I see you’ve been talking to Lincoln. Tell me, where are they?

Evil Gretchen: I don’t know.

T-Bag: What a pretty little girl.

Evil Gretchen: They’re at the park!


Location: Park

*Homeland Security descends on the team*

*Everyone gets away except Lincoln*


Location: Warehouse

*Herb and co are there with Lincoln*

Herb: Killing federal agents is a big no-no, Mr Burrows.

Lincoln: Then it’s a good thing I didn’t kill any.

Herb: Right. And I’d like to buy that bridge you’re selling too.

Lincoln: If we were planning this, why aren’t we halfway to Mexico already? And wasn’t it a little suspicious how Self insisted on this being so secret?

Herb: Hmmm.


Location: Rita’s House

*Gretchen’s phone rings*

Michael (on phone): You are so dead.

*Gretchen hands the phone to Self*

Self: Michael! Good to talk to you. Might I suggest you start running while you still can?


Location: Rita’s House, presumably later than the previous scene

Evil Gretchen: I have a potential buyer for Scylla

Self: Excellent. We’ll go meet him while T-Bag keeps your family company.


Location: Warehouse

Dallow: So, looking at Self’s files seems to indicate that maybe he wasn’t a very nice man after all. If you and your brother testify against him, we’ll give you immunity.

Lincoln: We already had a deal for immunity.

Dallow: Yeah, we’re not gonna be honouring that.


Location: Hotel and Warehouse

*Lincoln calls and asks to be put on speakerphone*

Lincoln: If we testify against Self, we get full immunity.

Dr Sara: Immunity from what? We did the job they hired us for.

Lincoln: Told ya so.

Dallow: Whatever, just come in so we can end this.


Location: Hotel

Michael: After thinking things over, I’ve decided we should hear the senator out. And if it doesn’t work, I have a backup plan. Sucre and Sara head to the meeting place, Mahone and I will double back to the warehouse and follow them to make sure they’re playing fair.

*Mahone and Sucre leave so Michael and Sara can have some alone time*

Dr Sara: You know, my father was obsessed with chasing justice too. But don’t worry, nothing’s going to come between us.

Michael: And everything’s going to be just fine, right?


Location: Train Tracks

Evil Gretchen: You really suck, Don.

Self: Do you want me to have T-Bag shoot your daughter? Cos I will.


Location: Bus Station

Sucre: This seems like a strange place for a meeting.

*Mahone arrives*

Mahone: Turns out the plan is for us to get out of town while Michael does this alone. He’s so noble.

Dr Sara: Oh, screw that.

Location: Warehouse

Michael: All right, I’m here to give my testimony then my brother and I are leaving.

Herb: Sure, you betcha.


Location: Outside the Warehouse

Dallow: Don Self, huh? Never would have guessed.

Herb: You do know we’re all going to be royally screwed for conducting an unauthorised operation in the first place, right?

Dallow: Uh huh.

Herb: Unless… we could always kill these guys in order to save ourselves jail time.

Dallow: Sounds good to me.


Location: Inside the Warehouse

Herb: So, just out of interest, where’s the rest of your team?

Michael: Not here, and they’re not going to be.

Herb: But we need them. Can’t you call them? Please? We just wanna talk.

Dallow: The deal was for all of you, remember?

Michael: I can get you Self and Scylla.

Herb: Oh, we’re way past that.

*But, just as Herb is about to shoot Michael, he himself is shot by Souter*

Souter: General Pad Man wants to see you.

Sucre and Dr Sara: Never fear! We are here to save the day!

Dr Sara: Oh, and Michael? Next time you try something like this, I will kill you.

Lincoln: Where’s Mahone?

Sucre: Gone.


Location: Train Tracks

*The buyer for Scylla has arrived*

Self: Here you go.

Vykin: Thanks. We’ll be able to do business once you get me the rest of it.

Self: Uh… you what now?


Location: Warehouse

Michael: Good, the part of Scylla that I hid in the toilet’s ceiling is still there. Time to call Self and taunt him a little.


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