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We're in the money!

We won the pub quiz again! Yay us! This week we actually tied with another team so Kevin had to do a tie breaker. It was funny cos the first question was how many Marquis of Queensbury rules are there. We said 11, they said 13 and the answer was 12!

The next question was when George Bernard Shaw died, we said 1932, they said 1920 and the answer was 1950. Then there was at what aged did Johann Strauss write his first waltz. We said 12, they said 15 and the answer was 6. Because we were closer on the last two Kevin had to give it to us (even though we were a bigger team and he would have preferred to give it to the others!)

Anyway, we let Celia choose and she got the jackpot. £130 between seven of us! So I am now £18 richer. Hence, "in the money."

Despite my excitement I really am quite tired and my head hurts so I'll probably be going off to bed pretty soon.

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