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I'll Shut Up About the Oscars Eventually. (Maybe)

This is my week off work and what better way to spend a holiday than by going to the dentist for a filling? So, yeah, I still can't feel half of my mouth, which is making drinking this tea really weird. I think I'll wait a while before making all the pancakes that I have planned.

In the meantime, I shall share my favourite moments from the Oscars. Really observant people may notice a bit of a theme between the two.

First of all, the opening number, which is amazing:

And, because I am a huge fan of musicals, I also loved this:

It's not as good watching them this way as on an actual television. Fortunately for me the Oscars are on Sky Anytime until next Saturday, so I have been making good use of that. (Musicals are Back starts around the 95 minute mark for anyone who may wish to skip all that boring awards stuff...)
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