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The Big Finish

Dammit, the tiredness is really getting to me now, but I've got this far and I want to stick it out. I'm really liking The Oscars this year.

Original Score - Slumdog Millionaire

Original Song - Jai Ho

Foreign Language Film - Okuribito (Departures)


Ok, just the big four left now and here are how our scores stand:

Caroline (wants): 5
Paul (wants): 5
Caroline (thinks): 9
Paul (thinks): 9

Yes, seriously. And they're not all the same ones either. I do love how this has worked out.


Best Director - Danny Boyle. We're still even.

Stephanie Beacham is smiling. Wow, I didn't think she knew how to do that. I thought her face was stuck in that judgemental scowl she's had on all evening. Oh, she doesn't want Kate Winslet to win Best Actress. I'm not surprised.

Oh god, Sophia Loren is terrifying.

Best Actress - Kate Winslet. Yes

Suck on that, Stephanie. :p

On to Best Actor now.


Best Actor - Sean Penn.

I am surprised but not displeased.


And now for the big one.

Best Picture - Slumdog Millionaire

Hee, I love how they're all up there on the stage looking so happy.


I did it! I'm still awake! I am in awe of the power of Mountain Dew.

Before I give up and go to sleep, I shall give you the final scores:

Caroline (wants): 7
Caroline (thinks): 12
Caroline (total): 19

Paul (wants): 6
Paul (thinks): 12
Paul (total): 18

Can't get much closer than that. Although if Mickey Rourke had won Best Actor we would have tied.
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