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The Ceremony

And it's starting! Yay!

Paul and I made our predictions earlier and I have them next to me, so I will be keeping track of which one of us is winning. Last time I did this with someone the bet was 10p each. This time it's a bit more substantial in the form of CyberCandy sweets. More to win! (Or lose, as the case may be...)

Hugh Jackman! I love you, Hugh Jackman! And this opening song and dance act is awesome. I didn't think it was possible, but I think I love Hugh Jackman even more now.

Seriously... that was one of the best things I've seen in years. I'm going to YouTube it to death over the next few days.


But now... Best Supporting Actress.

Penelope Cruz.

Excellent. This is a good start for me. I'm currently winning! (It probably won't last long so I'm going to enjoy it now.)


Tina Fey and Steve Martin are funny. This is not surprising.

Best Original Screenplay - Milk. Paul and I are now tied.

Best Adapted Screenplay - Slumdog Millionaire. We are still tied.
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