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Fashion Report part III

Ok, I know I said I'd be moving on to the ceremony, but they're showing proper views of the dresses, so I'll just make a few more comments.

I like Sarah Jessica Parker's dress more now that I've had a good look at it. I even quite like the belt. When she's standing like that, it works.

Marisa Tomei's dress looks worse and worse the more I see of it.

Wow, Miley Cyrus has a huge dress. It's overpowering her!

Beyonce. No. Don't like.

Ok, I am clearly in the minority regarding Kate Winslet. Now I want to look at it again to see if I was wrong.

I'm sure I'll make more comments regarding the clothes during the ceremony itself as I see people on stage and get better looks at them.

I hope it starts soon. I'm getting very tired. I want to see a few awards before I give up and go to bed. Hopefully the Mountain Dew will kick in soon.
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