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Fashion Report part II

Ah, the really famous people are arriving.

Angelina Jolie looking very understated and elegant in a simple black strapless dress. Not what I expected, but definitely looking good.

Ooh, I'm liking Penelope Cruz. It's a big skirted dress, which I like, and a nice colour. My only issue would be that it didn't look very flattering around her chest, but the rest is lovely.

Anne Hathaway is sparkling. Vampire!

It's George Takei and his husband! Aw, I love them.

I want to see Kate Winslet but Ryan Seacrest is right in front of her. Hopefully Fearne will get to talk to her next.

Brad Pitt completely ignoring Fearne. I don't think I want him to win any more.

Ok, the rest of Marisa Tomei's dress is not good.

Kate! Finally. Hee, Kate Winslet just called me mad (in a general "Hi to everyone [in the UK] who's mad enough to stay up to watch it [The Oscars]" way). Hmm, I must admit, I am not a big fan of her dress. It doesn't look quite right.

And that's it for the Red Carpet. Time to change channels for the actual ceremony.
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