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The recaps are coming along, just very slowly and not very well.

Episode 4.11 Quiet Riot

Location: Wall Leading to Scylla

*Sucre and Mahone are drilling through the wall and threading a camera through and doing other things that all look quite elaborate and done with things they found at the last minute at Halfords. Still more sophisticated than drilling through the wall in Riots, Drills and The Devil, though,*


Location: A Hotel Room, I think

Gretchen: What do you think?

*Evil Gretchen is dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. T-Bag takes photos of her.*


Location: Warehouse

Sara: You’ve got an appointment with the nice doctor this afternoon.

Michael: Don’t wanna.

Lincoln: You’re going. We’ll be fine without you.

Michael: But there’s so much to do!

Sara: And you can’t do it if you’re dead.

Michael: Fine.


Location: Wall to Scylla

Scure: This is a lot easier than the last time I was drilling a wall with an eggbeater

(Me: Hey, I said that earlier! I love you Sucre, we’re on the same wavelength.)

Sucre: I can’t believe we’re reaching the end and Michael’s not here.

Mahone: It’ll be fine.

Sucre: How do you know?

Mahone: I don’t, but if we mess this up then we’re all screwed.

Location: Scylla Room

*We get to see Scylla in all its glass and laser surrounded glory*


Location: Warehouse

*Sara and Lincoln are silhouetted in the warehouse doorway. It’s quite pretty.*

Sara: Everything’s going to be ok.

Lincoln: You know he won’t go to the hospital until he’s got a plan.

Sara: What about Gretchen? Can we trust her?

Lincoln: With the card, yes. Everything else, hell no.


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

Lisa: So, the plans for moving Scylla are all really, really secure.

Pad Man’s Phone: *Beeps* *Picture of Evil Gretchen dressed as schoolgirl*

General Pad Man: Uh…good… I’m going to…go now.

Lisa: Bitch.


Location: Warehouse

*Sara is explaining the surgery to Michael*

Sara: And then the magic fairies cut out a piece of your brain and you’ll be all better.

Lincoln: Do we have to hear this?

Self: Hey, why’d you all look so glum? We’re about to take down the Evil Company! Yay!


Location: Warehouse

*Sucre and Mahone have returned with a video of Scylla*

Michael: So, we have four hours to work out a way through the concrete wall, glass wall, microphonic sensors, weight sensors and thermal detectors. Any of those will set of the alarm and General Pad Man will know we’re inside.

Mahone: All this security and only one man has access to the video surveillance.

(Me: That seems like a huge weakness. All you have to do is stop General Pad Man from getting the camera feed and you’re fine.)


Location: Evil Gretchen’s Hotel Room of Creepy Flirting

Evil Gretchen: What took you so long?

*Evil Gretchen tries to look sexy and sultry. It does not work. At all.*

Evil Gretchen: Here, let me feel you up.

General Pad Man: My card isn’t there.

Evil Gretchen: Oh.

General Pad Man: You’ve broken my heart. Next time I see you, I’ll kill you.


Location: GATE

T-Bag: Hey, Cleavage of Doom, I’ll give you $100 to take off your jacket.

Cleavage of Doom: Uh…no?

Boss Man: Hey Cole. Congratulations, your pitch last episode made us $35,000!

(Me: Really? This company is just selling bullshit, isn’t it?)

Boss Man: For that, you get to go on the company cruise and pitch non stop for the next week.

T-Bag: *Seems genuinely upset that he can’t go.*


Location: Warehouse

Dr Sara: So, we have six seconds from when the heat sensors first pick up a heat source to the alarm going off if it hasn’t gone.

Mahone: Why not spray some liquid nitrogen around?

Michael: Brilliant.

Mahone: We’re not going to let you down, Michael. Just like my team and I didn’t let down a senior agent with cancer many years ago.


Location: GATE

T-Bag: Cleavage of Doom is an agent and I think she has a gun under her coat.

Evil Gretchen: Uh huh.

T-Bag: Also, I want to continue working for GATE and go on this cruise.


Location: Somwhere

Feng: We’re going to get Scylla, even if we have to kill for it.


Location: Warehouse

*The guys are working out how much noise they can make before setting off the alarm. It looks quite fun actually.*

Location: Outside Warehouse

Self: Evil Gretchen didn’t get the card.

Michael: Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap.

Self: Calm down. Aren’t you usually the one reassuring me when I have a freakout?

Michael: I don’t want anyone else to die.

Self: Ooh, that could be a problem.


Location: GATE

Feng: I can’t help noticing that you don’t have Scylla for me like you promised.

Evil Gretchen: We’re nearly there but we need your help.


Location: Outside the Warehouse

*Sara comes up and hugs Michael from behind. It is very sweet*

Sara: Time to go.

Michael: If the others die and I survive because I called in sick, I’ll never be able to live with myself.

(Me: But if you have a fit during the mission, you’ll put them in more danger than if you weren’t there.)


Location: Car

Sara: I’ll inject you with this fancy drug that’ll suppress the symptoms for a while, but you really need to go to the hospital after this.

Sucre: *Praying*

Michael: It’ll be fine, Sucre.

Sucre: I’m not praying for me.

(Me: See, how can we not love Sucre? I love you Sucre!)


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: You were right, Gretchen was just after one thing. My card.

Lisa: Will she be a problem now?

General Pad Man: No, I took care of it.


Location: GATE

T-Bag: (on phone): We’re meeting an old friend at this address.

Cleavage of Doom: *Listening in*


Location: Bench

*Dr Sara is sitting on the bench with a gun in her bag. As you do.*


Location: Tunnel

Michael: Everyone know what they’re doing? Good. We need complete silence from now on.

*There is hand shaking and luck wishing and hugging*

*The guys reach the wall and we see them all doing their thing while flashing back to the warehouse so we find out what exactly it is they’re doing.*

*It’s all very detailed and tense since it’s being done in complete silence. I’m not going to try and describe the whole thing, but the result is a platform leading from the hole in the wall to Scylla. Sucre has to build it as he goes, which must be pretty difficult to do in near silence*

*There is a moment of panic as he drops his liquid nitrogen can and catches it awkwardly, meaning Lincoln has to come out and help him back up but it’s all good in the end.*


Location: A House Somewhere

Cleavage of Doom: This is where T-Bag said he was meeting another interested buyer.

Self: Let’s go.

*They enter the house but who is there waiting for them with guns? Feng!*


Location: GATE

Evil Gretchen: When Scofield and Burrows come up with Scylla, give them a chance to surrender.

T-Bag: Whatever happens, Scofield is mine.


Location: Silent Room of High Drama and Scylla

*Michael is on the bridge and, of course, this is the time when his tumour acts up and he has a fit. I told you this was a stupid idea, Michael.*

*Fortunately Michael is a hero and overcomes neurological disorders with sheer willpower*

*Michael reaches the glass box and uses suction cups, a knife and liquid nitrogen to cut a hole in the glass. It works amazingly perfectly. He climbs into the box*


Location: House

*Self and Cleavage of Doom are tied to chairs. This seems to happen to her a lot*


Location: Scylla

*Michael reaches out to pick up Scylla and in doing so sets off the alarm.*


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: What the hell?


Episode 4.12 Selfless

Location: Evil Company Headquarters

*General Pad Man is on his way down to see Scylla and Michael*


Location: GATE

*T-Bag and Evil Gretchen are hanging around a crowded office building with guns*


Location: Scylla

Michael: Hmm, it just has one slot. Even though we established ages ago that there were six cards.

General Pad Man: Ha Ha! I have caught you!

Lincoln, Mahone and Sucre: Think again.

General Pad Man: Still, you must be hacked off that you didn’t beat my security system after all.

Michael: Actually, I just needed one more piece of the puzzle. And you brought it to me. Your card, please.

*Michael puts the General’s card into the slot and five more slots open up.*

General Pad Man: Heh. Looks like you’re a few cards short.

*Michael silently produces the other five cards. It is an awesome moment.*

Sucre: Suck it, General.

(Me: Have I mentioned how much I love Sucre yet? I love Sucre.)


Location: House

Cleavage of Doom: You really suck, Self.

Self: Oh really? Then why did I just manage to free myself.

*There is shooting. Cleavage of Doom kills Feng.*

Self: We needed him!

(Me: Uh… why?)


Location: GATE

Boss Man: Hey Cole, who’s your friend?

Evil Gretchen: Me? Oh, I’m… uh… an old work colleague.

Boss Man: Great! And…uh… why do you have submachine guns under your desk?

Evil Gretchen: Ok, hostage taking time.

T-Bag: Damn. I liked being Cole Pfeiffer.


Location: Scylla

General Pad Man: How did you get those cards?

Michael: Because I’m Michael Scofield, bitch.

*Putting the cards in reveals Scylla. It looks kinda like one of those desktop weather stations*

Michael: Come on General, let’s go back upstairs and to your office.

*Michael phones Sara to say they got it, then sits at General Pad Man’s desk and starts writing out a list*

*Sucre has a drink. I love Sucre*


Location: GATE

*Cleavage of Doom returns to a hostage-ridden office*


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: You know I knew your dad, right?

Lincoln: I know he was a data analyst for the Company.

General Pad Man: There’s so much you don’t know about him… and your mother.


Location: Self’s Office

Self: Not long now.

Other Agent, who is apparently named Herb: Once you’ve got it, go straight to Senator Dallow’s office. The attorney general will meet you there.

(Me: Is Herb evil? He’s certainly acting suspiciously.)


Location: General Pad Man’s Office.

General Pad Man: You know, I can offer you all a lot of money. I can pay for little Leila Sucre’s college education, get Michael and Sara plane tickets to anywhere they want and even buy you a new son, Mahone. Wouldn’t you like that?

Michael: What we’d like is for the Evil Company burnt to the ground and you in prison.


Location: Restaurant

*A careless waiter spills soup in Lisa’s lap and she goes to the bathroom to clean it up. Unfortunately for her, Dr Sara is waiting there with a gun.*

*Yes, seriously. Dr Sara has taken someone hostage.*


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: What exactly are you planning to do now? You know there’s a horde of men out there ready to shoot you all, don’t you?

Michael’s phone: *Rings*

Michael: It’s for you, General.

Lisa (on phone): Dad? Dr Sara’s got me. She says she’s going to kill me unless you let Michael and the others go.

Michael: I suggest you do as she says.

General Pad Man: I know enough about your girlfriend to know she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Michael: Maybe not a couple of seasons ago, but being kidnapped and tortured can change a person.

Michael: This list I’ve been writing is of all the people you’ve killed. Is your daughter’s life worth more than theirs?

General Pad Man: Fine, I’ll walk you out.


Location: GATE

T-Bag: Maybe the guys found another way out.

Evil Gretchen: Impossible.

Cleavage of Doom: Shh, everyone listen to me and I’ll lead you out safely.

Boss Man: Screw that. *Flees*

Boss Man: *Dies in a hail of gunfire from Evil Gretchen and T-Bag*


Location: Evil Company Headquarters

Mahone: How’s it feel? Having to do something you don’t want to because someone you love will get hurt if you don’t?


Location: Restaurant Bathroom

Lisa: I know you’ve been through a lot, but think about what you’re doing. You used to be a doctor, devoting your life to helping people, and now you have a gun trained on an innocent woman.

(Me: Innocent? HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!)

Security Guard: Is everything all right in there?

Lisa: Sure, you betcha.


Location: Parking Garage

T-Bag: Now I’ll never get to be the number one salesman in the South West region.

Gretchen: If I shoot you, will you shut up?

*Before Evil Gretchen can shoot T-Bag, Cleavage of Doom comes driving around the corner.*

*Gretchen escapes, but T-Bag is captured by Cleavage of Doom Special Agent Miriam Holtz.*


Location: Different Parking Garage

General Pad Man: I want assurances that my daughter’s being released.

Michael: Sara will let her go once she knows we’re safely away from here with no one following us.

General Pad Man: You’ll pay for this. I have people everywhere!

Michael: And once Scylla is in the right hands, they’ll all be arrested.

Lincoln: Don’t forget that we did this to you, old man.

General Pad Man: Oh hey, guess what? Your father wasn’t a data analyst. He was an executioner.


Location: Restaurant

Security Guard: Maybe we should go in and check on Lisa.

*They do so and find Lisa tied up in a stall. Sara is already gone, having dropped off a nice tip for the soup spilling waiter*

*Lisa’s skirt is clean now. Apparently she and Sara took time to do that in between the hostage thing*


Location: Evil Company Headquarters

General Pad Man: Scofield figured us out because we were predictable. We need to do something wild and crazy!

Guard: I’ll get the clown suit.


Location: Self’s Office

Michael (on phone): We got it.

Self: They got it.

Herb: Excellent.

(Me: I think he’s evil. He looks evil. He smirked evilly.)


Location: Armoured Truck

(Me: The vehicle is not exactly subtle. They’re never going to lose a tail in that.)

*They arrive at the airport. Michael and Lincoln go inside, Sucre and Mahone go elsewhere*

*Inside the airport all the flight statuses change to ‘delayed’ as General Pad Man has ordered no plane be allowed to leave. Some really obvious Company Guys are closing in on them. Michael texts ‘Now’ to Mahone*

Mahone (on phone): Hello, 911? I’m an off duty cop from Chicago and I just saw something at the airport you should check out.

*The Company Guys corner Michael and Lincoln*

Guy: We’ll be taking that bag now. And the two of you.

*The police arrive and take the Company Guys to security. Michael and Lincoln use the distraction to slip away.*

Guy: All I have is a laptop and an external hard drive.

Policeman: Actually, all you have is a laptop and a book.

*The book in question is ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. Very good, Michael*


Location: Car

*T-Bag is handcuffed to the handle above the door*

T-Bag: So, you knew who I was from the beginning?

Cleavage of Doom: Yep.

T-Bag: But if you hadn’t, would you have believed I was Cole Pfeiffer?

Cleavage of Doom: Well… you did fool a lot of people.


Location: Warehouse

Michael: Here you go, as promised.

Self: And here is your transfer paperwork. The vans are going to be here in half an hour.

Dr Sara: Michael needs to go to the hospital

Self: I’ll send an ambulance with the vans. Congratulations, because of what you’ve done lives are going to be changed forever.

Everything: *Is going suspiciously well*


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: *Pouts*


Location: Warehouse

Michael: Isn’t this great? We’re all free and will never have to look over out shoulders again.

Fate: Oh really?

*Mahone gets a couple of beers for him and Sucre. They can’t be full, the way the actors are tilting them all over the place as they speak*

Sucre: It’s so nice to know that the next time I have one of these it won’t be in a crappy warehouse. I feel like I’ve been running forever.

Mahone: It’s time to stand still. Take in the sun.

Fate: These guys really don’t get it, do they?

Dr Sara: I know I’m supposed to be happy, but I’m scared that we’ve come all this way and I’m going to lose you to a brain tumour.

*Michael and Sara hug. Aww.*


Location: Wherever Cleavage of Doom’s Car is Parked

Self: This is it.

Cleavage of Doom: Now we take it to Senator Dallow?

Self: Not just yet. Did Gretchen or T-Bag mention any other potential buyers?

Cleavage of Doom: Not yet, but I’m sure he will once we offer him a deal.

(Me: Offer to let him be a salesman. He seems to like that.)


Location: Warehouse of Pacing and Waiting

Lincoln: Hey, Mahone. Remember when I said we would settle up once this is over?

Mahone: Yeah?

Lincoln: We’re settled. I forgive you for killing my father and all that.

Dr Sara: It’s been an hour. Maybe you should call Self and see where that ambulance is.

Michael’s phone: We’re sorry, the person you are trying to reach has disconnected their phone. Suckers!


Location: Beside Cleavage of Doom’s Car

Self: You did really well on this op.

Cleavage of Doom: Thank you.

*Self shoots Cleavage of Doom right in the chest.*

*Yes, DON SELF, who always seemed so genuine and useless, is a bad guy.*

Plot Twist: Wee! Me again! Have you missed me?


Location: Warehouse

*Michael opens the envelope Self gave him*

Blank Paper: Haha! Behold me in all my non-transfer paper glory!


My Thoughts:

I think I like this twist. The whole time after they successfully handed over Scylla I was waiting for someone from the company to come and take it or blow Self up or something. And I didn’t like that idea cos it would have made what they did a bit pointless, but this way they still succeeded. I’m glad that it was a new twist that’s come now rather than extending the same plot for a few more episodes.

In case you’re wondering, here is the list that Michael wrote up:

1) Richard Mills
2) Aldo Burrows
3) Cameron Mahone
4) Veronica Donovan
5) Brad Bellick
6) Roland Glenn
7) Frank Tancredi
8) Bruce Bennett
9) David Apolskis
10) Terrence Steadman
11) Lisa Rix
12) Nick Savrinn
13) Charles Patoshik
14) Kelli Foster
15) John Abruzzi
16) James Whistler
17) Leticia Barris
18) Danny Hale

Seeing the list is interesting – Sara has a relative on it, Michael and Lincoln have relatives on it, Mahone has a relative on it. Sucre is the only one who has no connection to it. He’s there doing this to help Michael do the right thing and bring down the company, even though he has nothing to avenge. He was pulled into this by being part of Michael’s escape, yes, but he had opportunities to leave. He didn’t have to help Michael in Sona, but he did. And we love him for it.

I have to wonder, was the entire reason for choosing the stupid name ‘Self’ for the character so they could use this title?

T-Bag’s deep desire to be a salesman is still a bit weird to me. I suppose it fits with his previous wish to have a normal family life, but still, a salesman? The man is a murdering, rapist paedophile who deep down just yearns to sell stuff.
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