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I am Winnar! (Just)

NaNo word count: 50,252

But it has been stressful getting to this point today. Stupidly I hadn't been backing up the document as I was writing it ("I'll do it at the end. It'll be fine!") and lost it all when Word decided to be a complete and utter bastard when I tried to save it. After a couple of hours of desperately trying to find any recovered document of the novel that wasn't corrupted beyond all hope, I gave up, posted a expletive-filled post lamenting my stupidity and decided to see what I could remember of the story to start again.

That's when I saw a file with a weird name in my Writing folder and decided to see what it was. Lo and behold, it was my story! Minus the last few sentences I'd written but otherwise completely healthy.

Clearly the Computer Gods smiled on me today, after punishing me for my hubris first.
Tags: computers, nanowrimo, stupidity
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