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I hate this plan.

I'm pathetic. I know I'm pathetic. But I'm so upset with my parents about this weekend. When I mentioned going to Canterbury to see the house, Gill suggested the weekend. They could have said no, Dad's busy and suggested another time but they didn't. From what they said it sounded like Dad would just take me on a detour to see the house while vising my grandparents. No problem.

But now I find out, actually Dad and I are going down on Friday, see grandparents and go to France on Saturday and go to Canterbury on Sunday. And we'll be staying with one of his friends. I hate this, I hate staying at other people's houses. I find it difficult enough to spend the night at my friends, someone I know. I don't know his friend. (I recognise the name, and I think I've met him and probably knew him at some point but it's been so long.)

And I'm pissed off with them for springing this on my just days before and not giving me a choice. They didn't tell me what was going on and now I'm trapped and have to go. Why couldn't they have said "this is what we'll be doing, do you want to come?" And I've have said "fuck no. No way."

I hate this. I'm panicking already and I'm not even there yet. I can't do this. And yes, I know I'm being pathetic and ridiculous. After all, who has a problem staying at someone's house for a couple of nights?

Well, ME. I do. I have a huge problem with it.


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Jun. 16th, 2004 01:45 pm (UTC)
Aww baby, don't feel like it's only you who freaks out about this kinda stuff. I can't even stay at friends houses overnight, I get sick and call my mum to get me halfway through the night. Your parents are being unfair anyway, they know you and should know that tis will make you uncomfortable. It would make anyone umcomfortable to stay in a strangers house, even if your parents know them.
Is it inappropiate that I'm lovin' the fact that you said "fuck"? Yeah I thought so.
I love you.
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