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I Haven't Abandoned Them

It's taken me a while, but finally I have the next Prison Break recap done.

Episode 4.9 Greatness Achieved

Location: Warehouse of Planning and Prison

We begin with Lincoln indulging in a little Evil Company Assassin beating.

Lincoln: Look, all we want you to do is call General Pad Man and tell him you’ve killed us.

Evil Company Assassin: No.

Dr Sara: Told you violence wasn’t the answer.

Bellick: Er, guys. Mahone’s not going to wait much longer.

Mahone: *Seeths*


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

Lisa: It’s going to take us a while to move Scylla.

Random Guy: Evil Company Assassin isn’t returning our calls.

General Pad Man: Why doesn’t anyone bring me any good news?


Location: Warehouse

Self: Ok, so beating on Evil Company Assassin didn’t work. Hoe about we go in for some conversation.

(Me: Is ‘conversation’ a euphemism for anything?)

*Dr Sara goes over to Evil Company Assassin’s makeshift cell*

Evil Company Assassin: Ah, Florence Nightingale.

Dr Sara: So, let’s chat. If you don’t do this, you’ll die.

Evil Company Assassin: Well, that’s certainly not going to convince me.

*Back in the main area of the warehouse*

Michael: I’m not happy about my girlfriend being in a small space with a trained killer

Self: Oh, quit your whining. And in case anyone cares, Roland’s been buried.

Lincoln: Not really.

Michael: Back to Scylla. My bird book blueprints show that we can get into the tunnels here through GATE, but then there’s a large obstruction we’re going to have to break through.

Sucre: And after that?

Michael: I don’t know. Evil Gretchen has the rest of the pages.

Sucre: If she wants to bring the Company down, why doesn’t she just give them to us?

Michael: Dramatic tension?


Location: GATE

T-Bag: Ok, you guys go down into the hole and I’ll guard it from my office.

*Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and Bellick go down the hole*

T-Bag’s Boss: Hey, do you know what’s happening with your nosy co worker? It’s so unlike him to fax over this resignation and disappear off the face of the earth.

T-Bag: Maybe he got really, really drunk?


Location: Tunnel under GATE

Sucre: What’s that incredibly loud rushing noise?


Location: Evil Gretchen’s Hotel Room

Phone: *Rings*

T-Bag on phone: Hey, my boss is looking into Nosy Co-worker’s mysterious disappearance.

Gretchen: I care not. I have an important meeting to get to. One that requires a gun.


Location: Warehouse

Dr Sara: Make the call.

Evil Company Assassin: No

Dr Sara: If you make the call, Self will make sure you don’t get the death penalty.

Evil Company Assassin: I doubt Mahone will approve of that. And, as a doctor, you won’t be able to stand by while he kills me, so why don’t you and I figure out a way out of this mess ourselves?

(Me: No, Sara, don’t listen to him. He is annoyingly charismatic.)

*Back in the main part of the warehouse*

Mahone: Ok, that’s it. Time for the killing to begin.

Self: Hey, I know this is hard, but we need to wait.

Mahone: Have you ever lost a kid?

Self: Yeah, my wife was pregnant and the doctor messed up and they both died. So I understand.

Mahone: Well, ok, but it better be child-killer killing time soon.

Location: Wherever Lincoln and Bellick are at this point.

Bellick: I wish I cared about something as much as Mahone cared about his son, instead of being a pathetic little man my entire life.


Location: Warehouse

Evil Company Assassin: You know, Mahone was forced to do things he didn’t want to by the Evil Company. We’re not so different.

(Me: I don’t think Mahone ever killed children though)

Evil Company Assassin: You let me go; I can set you and Michael up with a sweet deal.

Dr Sara: How about no.


Location: GATE

Detective: How about we have a chat about your missing co worker.

T-Bag: How about that…


Location: End of the Tunnel

Michael: Well, that explains the noise. Turns out that the big obstruction on my blueprint is a huge water pipe.

Sucre: Damn.


Location: GATE

Detective: So, everything about your co worker’s disappearance looks highly suspicious and apparently you and he didn’t get on very well. Shall we talk about that?

T-Bag: Crap.

Noises from Down Below: *Are loud*


Location: Warehouse

Self: Fortunately I have this handy computer programme that we can use to edit together bits and pieces of Evil Company Assassin’s voice to create a new recording.

Mahone: Cool… hey, do we still have that ambulance?


Location: Water Pipe

*The guys are trying and failing to break through the floor under the pipe with sledgehammers*

Bellick: You winded already, Sucre?

Sucre: I got shot, Brad.

Bellick: Oh, yeah.

Michael: Ok, guys, stop. We’re not going to break this floor.

Sucre: So, what do we do now?

Michael: We go… through the pipe.

Others: Uh….


Location: GATE

T-Bag: … And that’s why Nosy Co-worker and I will always be BFF and there’s no possible way I or anyone I know killed him and stuffed him in a trunk.

*Lincoln and Bellick appear out of the closet*

T-Bag’s Boss: Um… what?

Bellick: We need to get more bracket joints from our van.

T-Bag: Oh yeah, I’m having shelves installed.

(Me: I’m impressed with Bellick’s improvisational skills)


Location: Warehouse

Self: Hey

Evil Company Assassin: Oh great, more chatting.

Self: Nope, but I have this.

Evil Company Assassin on Tape: They’re all dead. It’s over.

Mahone: How about you and Sara take a walk?

Self: You betcha.

*Self and Dr Sara leave. Sara doesn’t seem too happy about it.*

Mahone: *Rips open Evil Company Assassin’s shirt to attach heart monitor sensors*

Evil Company Assassin’s Chest Tattoo: *Is huge and hideous*

Mahone: The autopsy report said my son suffered. So guess what you’re going to do?


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

Phone: *rings*

Evil Company Assassin’s Voice on phone: They’re all dead. It’s over.

General Pad Man: Excellent. Things are looking up.

Evil Gretchen with gun: Or not. Good to see you pay no attention to the concept of secure passwords and still use both your daughter’s birthdays for access codes

General Pad Man: Everyone leave. *To Gretchen* I knew you’d come home.

(Me: Ooh, what if Evil Gretchen is his daughter? We know she has a sister and Pad Man apparently has two daughters.)


Location: A Control Box Outside

Bellick: So how are you? Being away from your son and all. My dad died when I was little and apparently I’ve become obsessed with fatherhood in this episode.

Lincoln: Let’s just do this thing and shut down the water to LA.

*They do so. With fire. Fire solves everything.*


Location: Water Pipe

*There is a smaller pipe set up perpendicular to the main one and a circle drawn on the side of the big pipe in line with the small one. If the plan is what I think it is, that circle better be extremely accurate.*

Michael: Ok, we have about an hour until city officials get the water back on. So we have a lot of work to do. And why are there two of you?

*Michael has some kind of a fit*

Sucre: Papi? What’s wrong?

Michael: I need your help. Can you cover for me?

Sucre: Of course.

(Me: I love how Sucre will cover for Michael when he asks. No questions or complaints.)


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: Remember the good old days, when you failed that psych exam and I took you under my wing to develop your sociopathic tendencies for my own gain?

Evil Gretchen: And had me tortured.

General Pad Man: I knew you wouldn’t take it personally. You’ve always been my girl.

*And then my theory is completely destroyed, or at least, I dearly hope it is, when General Pad Man leans down and kisses her. And not in a fatherly way.*


Location: Warehouse of Fun and Torture

Mahone: You know the fingertips are incredibly sensitive? So if I stick these five inch needles right into the tips of your fingers…

Evil Company Assassin: *screams*


Location: GATE

T-Bag: Hey there, Cleavage of Doom. How about you get me copies of sales records?

Cleavage of Doom: I’m not sure bruising the arms of your accomplices is the best way to avoid attention.

Location: Water Pipe

Sucre: I have got through the first half of the pipe.

Michael: Excellent, now the two of you have to go through and cut out the same size circle on the other side.

Sucre: How do I do that?

Michael: Use your belt to measure it.

(Me: Yeah, he can get the diameter that way, but is he going to be able to draw a perfect circle around it? I think not.)


Location: Warehouse of Fun and Torture

Mahone: Of course, if I hurt you too much you might pass out from the pain. That’s why I’ve set up this handy device so that if your heart rate falls below a certain level, it gives you a shock.

Evil Company Assassin: All right, all right. I give.

Mahone: *dials phone* Hey, I have someone who has something to say to you.

Evil Company Assassin: Pam… I’m… sorry.

(Me: Of course, it could be considered cruel and disturbing to put your son’s murderer on the phone to your wife.)


Location: Water Pipe

*The plan is what I thought and I still don’t see how this is going to work. If the holes are too small, the pipe won’t go through. If they’re too big, the water will spill out.*

Lincoln and Bellick: The radio said that the water will be back in ten minutes.

Michael: The small pipe is too heavy for us to guide through from here. Two of us are going to have to go through to the other side and guide it there.

Lincoln: I’ll do it.

Bellick: Me too. I want to be noble.


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: So how is Emmy?

(Me: Wait? General Pad Man is the girl’s father? But she was so sweet! How can that be when she is spawned from pure evil?)

Evil Gretchen: Don’t pretend to care. I’m here to tell you that I’m a free agent now, ready to go work for any number of other evil conspiracies and I don’t need you any more.

General Pad Man: Aw, don’t be like that. Soon our time will come and when it does, I want you right here beside me.


Location: The docks

*Mahone gets out of a car and produces Evil Company Assassin sporting the latest in chains and cinderblock fashion*

Evil Company Assassin: You know, we’re not so different you and I. We’ve both done things….

Mahone: *push*

Evil Company Assassin: *splash*


Location: Water Pipe

*The four guys are trying, and failing, to get the smaller pipe through the main one.*

(Me: Is Bellick going to go back in and sacrifice himself for the cause? That thought actually makes me sad. I used to hate Bellick but now I kinda like him.)


Location: GATE

T-Bag: These sales reports are highly suspicious. Full of fake numbers and missing information. Clearly co worker was laundering money. If the detective finds out about this, we’ll be up to our eyeballs in IRS auditors.

T-Bag’s Boss: That all makes perfect sense. I’ll get rid of the detective.


Location: Water Pipe

*The guys are still having no luck with the pipe*

Ominous Rumbling Sound in the Distance: *is ominous*

Bellick: *jumps into the big pipe*

Lincoln: Brad, what are you doing?

Bellick: Helping you get Scylla.

Michael: Brad, get out of there!

Bellick: Push it through!

*The pipe gets pushed through. Bellick, now trapped in the main water pipe, turns to face his certain death as the water flow starts again*


Location: General Pad Man’s Office

General Pad Man: Everyone come back in and say hello to Gretchen, who is part of our team again.

Lisa: Bitch.

(Me: A cat fight over Pad Man? He’s not worth it ladies.)

Lisa: We can move Scylla tomorrow but with Scofield and Burrows dead, why bother?

Evil Gretchen: Wait… they’re dead?

General Pad Man: Dead as Latin. But if a couple of Illinois boys can get that close, I’d feel better if we still moved the thing anyway.


Location: Water Pipe

Lincoln: He just wouldn’t climb out.

Sucre: Where does the pipe go? Maybe we can…

Michael: No. He dead.

(Me: But where does the pipe lead to? Is his body going to wash up somewhere and cause awkward questions?)


My thoughts:

Wow, two watery deaths in one episode. We’re going back to the Prison Break tradition of killing people. Which makes me wonder if they introduced Roland and Evil Company Assassin mainly for that purpose. Perhaps they wanted to kill some characters but didn’t want to lose any of the popular ones. Bellick was arguably the least popular of the regulars.

Although having said that, I’m still quite sad he’s dead. Weird.

Another thing that’s bothering me, especially with T-Bag’s interaction with the detective, is that no one recognises these characters. Does no one in Los Angeles watch the news? I mean, I know the original break happened in Chicago but since events that happened in season two involved the president, I’d have thought it would have been nationwide news for a while.
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