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I love it when my family gets worked up about Alias! We ended up nearly shouting at each other during the last episode! It was just after Sloane said he had an affair with Irina and therefore might be Sydney's father and went something like this:

Robert: You said it would be cliche if it happened on Dark Angel but it just happened there!
Me: No, it didn't!
Mum: What's this? Do you need me to support you? I'll side with you against that nasty Dark Angel. It doesn't have Vaughn in it.
Robert: Caroline said if Lydecker turned out to be Max's father it would be cliche, but he [Sloane]'s Sydney's father.
Me: No he's not! Just because he said it doesn't mean it's true!
Mum: I'm in love with Vaughn. I'm really 20.
Me and Robert: Er, ok.

Possibly disturbing in that that would make my mother my age and the whole issue of my birth rather...weird. But she does have good taste, I love Vaughn too. (But not as much as I love Jeni, of course.)
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