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I'm Still Doing Them

I'm gradually catching up with the Prison Break recaps. I've got 4.6 done now. This is the one where I had trouble due to Sky messing up and not having signal for large chunks of the episode. But I found a site where I could watch it online and learn Chinese at the same time due to the handy subtitles.

It'd a bit more detailed than I've been doing recently, but I don't think I like it as much so I probably won't continue them this way.

Episode 4.6 Blow Out

We begin right in the middle of a mission. No set up for us today! More specifically, we begin with Dr Sara looking good on an escalator. She passes a smirking Michael and warns him not to get used to it, before moving on to where Linc is standing and telling him “SparkleKid, gate eight.”

Mahone appears and joins Michael while Sara walks up to a betting counter alongside Bellick, who’s placing his own bet in the next window. This is all very elaborate.

Bellick then proceeds to act like a sucky customer and shout at the woman behind the counter for getting his bet wrong. Michael and Mahone apparently find this exceedingly amusing judging from the smirks on their faces. They give the signal to Sucre, who alerts a guard to Bellick’s behaviour, giving Lincoln the opportunity to sneak back into the paddock with the horses and fiddle with gate eight. Surely a stuck gate would cause the race to be rerun?

Dr Sara walks past the empty manager’s office and “drops” her tickets. The nice security guard helps her pick them up, giving Michael and Mahone the chance to sneak in and attack the sucking device to the desk.

A few minutes later, the race is on. For all the horses except SparkleKid, who is still stuck in gate number eight.

Someone is not happy about this. That someone also happens to be cardholder number four, so when he bursts into the manager’s office to whine complain, the sucking device does its thing.

For once, no unforeseen problems arise in the middle of the sucking and Roland confirms they’ve got the card. Now they just have to get the device back.

Is it really going to be this easy?

A fight breaks out in the main area, so Mahone tells Michael to make himself scarce while he goes to get the sucking device. Dr Sara is able to distract the guard enough to get him in, but the man’s patience runs out before Mahone does, leaving him trapped in the office.

So, Mahone leaves through the other door into the employees only area. A guard sees him and Mahone says that he wants to see manager about the money he just lost on SparkleKid. Then he hits the guard. See, this is where I think Mahone is a moron. If he’d just stuck to his story and let the guard lead him out with an admonition not to do it again, things would be fine, but no. That would be too easy.

The rest of the team meet up to watch as the idiot it taken away in a police car and realise, quite accurately, that they are screwed.


Over in a nice residential neighbourhood, a little girl is freaked out by a creepy shadow knocking at her front door.

It’s Evil Gretchen come to see her sister. Sister is a bit shocked by Evil Gretchen’s bruised and bloody appearance.


And over in GATE, T-Bag is examining the bird book from every which way. Because reading it upside down will totally reveal its hidden secrets.

T-Bag’s co-worker, meanwhile, has become suspicious about T-Bag’s sales sheets. It seems they’re missing some vital information. T-Bag bullshits his way out of it by saying that good salespeople don’t get hung up on the little details. I’m not sure co-worker is convinced.


Mahone is being booked under the name Frank Zwan. He tries to sweet talk the sergeant into dropping the whole thing. The sergeant would be more amenable to the idea if “Frank” here hadn’t knocked out one of his colleagues. See, Mahone. Told you you’re a moron.

But perhaps the thing to be most concerned about it that they’ve taken his fingerprints. Uh oh.


Then we have Self on his mobile, not happy with this latest development. He’s talking to Linc, who just takes it as a given that Self will be getting Mahone out of the clink soon. Self says that he can’t make things magically disappear every time they screw up. That’s a bit unfair, it’s not like they’ve been screwing up all the time.

Lincoln, though, is not interested in his excuses. Heh, I love Linc.

Before Self can reply, he notices a man sitting at his computer. That’s not suspicious at all! The man insists that he has clearance and thought it would be easier to fix a computer when the user isn’t there. Self proves that he is not a complete moron and tells the guy to get out and not come back.


At the warehouse, Lincoln informs the others that Self is “on it”. They are not overly confident that this means he’s getting Mahone out. Bellick, quite sensibly, points out that Self got the rest of them out of prison for way bigger charges, so getting Mahone out should be easy. The others agree but don’t look convinced.

Michael moves the conversation on to the next cardholder, Howard Scaderi, whose company has huge holdings in Laos. How fortuitous for him.

You can tell Michael is talking to Sara when he says “Would you please walk us through what we know so far.”


We don’t get to hear what they know so far (it would probably be boring anyway) because we cut to Evil Gretchen getting out of the shower. She looks very dry already. She’s also covered in cuts and bruises and is not pleased with her reflection.

She makes her way down to the kitchen where her sister has made her a sandwich and spins a story about her car breaking down.

She also wonders if sis still has that owl she sent from Germany. Fortunately her sister did not throw it away due to its hideousness, and Gretchen is able to break it open and retrieve the gun and money stashed inside.

Evil Gretchen’s sister is beginning to suspect that she doesn’t work for the IRS after all.


Elsewhere, Evil Company Assassin and General Pad Man are having a conversation about their dear friend Don Self. Turns out that Self bounced from department to department before ending up in Homeland Security (Ah, so no one wants him.)

The computer guy comes in to report that Self has a tricky firewall that can’t be broken without drawing attention.

General Pad Man gives Evil Company Assassin a meaningful look. Evil Company Assassin has a look of his own that you really would not want directed at you.


Speaking of Self, he has come to get Mahone out of prison. Or at least, try. And fail. Threats to use your Homeland Security authority to have the sergeant banned from flying are ineffective and simply show you to be a fucking dickwad.

Self is finally able to come back and see Mahone. He gives him papers to sign. Mahone’s joy turns sour when he realises that they are not in fact release papers but rather a form that would allow Self to collect Mahone’s belongings.

Mahone doesn’t want to hand over the one thing that makes him valuable to the team. Self is all, you shouldn’t have punched a cop then, should you? Mahone knows that once his prints are run, that’s the end for him. Self says he knew the risks and does he want to sacrifice the whole mission because of one mistake?

No. Mahone signs the paper.


Back at the warehouse, news has reached them that Mahone is not coming back any time soon. Sucre is adamant that they not leave him behind. We love Sucre. Linc thinks the mission is more important than one person. Dr Sara points out that once Mahone’s prints are run they’ll know who he is, and Bellick continues that once Mahone is found out, the whole maximum security prison thing will be thrown into doubt and the rest of them will be vulnerable too.

The final decision is up to Michael, who says they go forward with the plan.


In a dark car park, is this the end of Don Self? Evil Company Assassin wants a quick chat.

Evil Company Assassin says that General Pad Man doesn’t appreciate his privacy being invaded. Self says that he was doing it for the General’s security, as is part of his job. Evil Company Assassin suggests that if there’s a specific threat, maybe Self would like to debrief him (in his lovely dungeon of torture). Self says that he doesn’t give out classified information to civilians and manages to escape the conversation with nothing more than a “Leave him alone.”

Although Evil Company Assassin does make a point of noticing the parking ticket still on Self’s windscreen. Really not cut out for this covert operations thing, are you Self?


Self heads over to the warehouse to tell Michael about his little encounter. He points out that if Evil Company Assassin can find him then he can find Mahone. He suggests that they deal with Mahone themselves. If you know what I mean.

Michael says that’s not an option. You go, Michael!


We move from Michael refusing to betray Mahone to Mahone refusing to betray Michael. The sergeant is offering him a deal if he gives up the man he was seen with earlier at the race track. Mahone doesn’t take him up on the offer, despite flashbacks of Michael telling him he’s on his own at Sona indicating that he should.


Back at the warehouse, the rest of the team are discussing the best way to get close to Scaderi. Bellick and Sucre are not happy about the newly realised fact that if something goes wrong with the plan they could well be left behind.

Roland thinks that they need a plan for when the cops show up, which they’re going to do as soon as Mahone squeals, which he thinks is likely to happen very soon.

Michael says that they shouldn’t waste time speculating on how Mahone’s going to spend the rest of his day, but the fact remains that they cannot break him out of a police station.

Everybody looks as sceptical about that as I feel. It’s not like this whole show was based entirely on the premise of breaking someone out of prison or anything.


Over in GATE, T-Bag is looking like a crazy person. He’s counting his steps around his office to try and find something. Cleavage of doom notices.


Back again at the warehouse, Dr Sara is sitting in her boat. Michael comes up to have a chat about his latest problem. Dr Sara asks what he thinks would happen if the roles were reversed; would Alex risk it all to get Michael out? Or would he finish what he started and bring the Evil Company down. She’s with option number two.


Things are not looking good for Mahone. Evil Company Assassin has popped by the police station to see him. The sergeant says he’s being transferred for his arraignment. Evil Company Assassin asks where that’s going to be, since he wants to be there for “moral support.”

Mahone sees that Evil Company Assassin is there and falls back on his speciality; emotional phone calls. He calls Michael and says that it’s over for him but asks Michael to promise that he will kill Evil Company Assassin and let Pam know once it’s done.


Elsewhere, Evil Gretchen is on the phone pretending to be somebody’s wife. Her sister listens on in disapproval.

Sister wonders who Evil Gretchen really is, saying that she has some sort of switch inside her that she turns off whenever she needs to. Gretchen says that’s just who she is.

We also discover that she’s the little girl’s mother. She gave her sister custody and is not coming to take her away.


While we’re on the subject of surprise family revelations; Agent Self has a wife. Or he did at one point. He listens to a voicemail message of a woman happily talking about having pork chops for dinner tonight. I assume that was the last message she ever left him before being brutally murdered by the Evil Company. Or something like that.

After looking wistfully at a photograph on his desk of a woman, most likely his wife, he starts up his computer to check on the locations of his team and is surprised to find them all clustered around a building.

He phones them up to ask what they hell they’re doing. Michael says he’ll call when they’re done and hangs up. I love Michael.


In a courtroom, Mahone is sitting with a few other potential criminals ready to be arraigned. The guy next to him gets a girlfriend to wave at. Mahone just gets Evil Company Assassin.


At GATE, the smug co-worker has found even more holes in T-Bag’s story and T-Bag is going down.

Is Cleavage of Doom going to save him? And is it wrong that I kind of want him to be saved? Oh god, I’m starting to like the despicable bastard again. Watching him, that is.


Evil Gretchen is at the coroner’s office, pretending to be Whistler’s widow in order to get his stuff. Unfortunately she can’t do this without some kind of proof that she is who she says she is, which she doesn’t have, so she solves the problem her own way and whacks the clerk with the nearest thing she can get her hands on.

She goes to the filing cabinet and retrieves Whistler’s effects, including a mobile phone with a message about the apartment he set up.


In the courtroom, Sara strolls in and over to the table of lawyers. She announces that she’s there representing Frank Zwan and needs his jacket. When one of the always says that he thought he was going indigent, Sara easily replies that “He was. His mother in Santa Barbara, however, is not. She retained me this morning.”

I have two things to say about this: One, Sara is looking very hot in this scene. Two, she really is a woman of many talents and is disturbingly good at this lying business.

In the back of the courtroom, Sucre is counting down into a mobile phone. Evil Company Assassin is moving closer to the front and Mahone is getting antsy. When Sucre’s countdown reaches zero, the lights go out and chaos ensues.

Sucre escorts Mahone out of the building and Evil Company Assassin shows himself to be part bloodhound by following them in the right direction even though they were out of sight before he got into the hallway.

Mahone gets into a car with Michael and Bellick while Dr Sara makes her way to her own car and swings by to pick up Sucre.

Evil Company Assassin comes so close to killing Mahone. Due to the chaos, Mahone’s car is going very slowly, meaning that Evil Company Assassin and his hidden gun can walk alongside it. . But before anything tragic can happen, the police show up, causing Evil Company Assassin to rethink his plan.

Instead he just imitates a gun with his hand and shoots that at Mahone. Very mature.


Back at the warehouse, Mahone awkwardly thanks the team for their rescue. See, isn’t it good to have friends?

But surely the police still have his prints? No, Dr Sara has those too. She hands them to Mahone and everything is right again.


Mahone heads outside to make a little phone call to Evil Company Assassin, suggesting that they meet up and discuss the whole killing his son thing. Evil Company Assassin says it wasn’t personal, just business. Mahone promises that they next time they meet, he’ll show him just how personal things can get.

Evil Company Assassin does not look overly impressed with this threat. Actually, he seems more amused than anything.

When he goes back inside, Mahone throws Evil Company Assassin’s phone number in the bin. Roland fishes it out again. Hmmm, intriguing.


And finally, T-Bag is desperately trying to wipe away all his prints from the apartment. He’s doing a pretty half-hearted job and I don’t think it’s going to work that well.

As he attempts to leave, muttering about Cole Pfeiffer all the way, he has an unfortunate meeting with Evil Gretchen’s fist. And her heel. On his face. She wonders who the hell he is.

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