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Next recap be here! For you to read and enjoy and hopefully understand.

Episode 4.5 Safe and Sound

We start exactly where the last episode left off, with Dr Sara heading home for a nice evening with her boyfriend, blissfully unaware that Evil Company Assassin is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Fortunately, it is quite a windy day and now that Sara once again has long hair she decides that tying it back would be a good idea. As she rummages around in her bottomless bag of wonder, she notices that Bruce’s credit card is missing. Suspicion dawns and she looks around for any shady characters following her.

Evil Company Assassin quickly ducks behind a nearby car, but since he is about three times the size of it this is not a very effective strategy.


In the warehouse, Michael wants Self to use his fancy government technology to enhance the pictures of the other cardholders. Self recognises one on sight as Griffin Oren, head of the Treasury Department. Michael says that Self can get close to him by making up some story about Al Qaeda and stolen bonds. Self is a bit worried about the potential prison time for illegal stuff like that. Somehow I doubt he’s going to get much sympathy for that here.


In a diner somewhere, Mahone is waiting for someone. It’s his ex-wife Pam who looks, well, like her son has just been murdered in front of her.

Mahone has some pictures of big black guys to show her. When he comes to Evil Company Assassin, Pam’s reaction is enough to confirm him as the guy.

Pam tells Mahone that while she used to hate his obsession with getting his man and how it took over his life, now it’s the only thing that keeps her going because she knows he’s going to get the guy that did this.


The guy in question is still following Dr Sara, who decides the best means of escape is crossing a busy highway (that’s what they call it in America, right?) Evil Company Assassin follows but between the cars and trucks he loses sight of her as she heads into what appears to be a school on the other side.


T-Bag, meanwhile, is enjoying a nice cup of his namesake’s drink in the break room at GATE. One of his new colleagues comes in to make snide comments about the fabled Cole Pfeiffer’s inability to actually do any work around here. T-Bag’s distraction results in a drop of tea falling on the bird book, which reveals something on the page. The careful application of more tea reveals what appears to be a drawing of a ladder. Hmm.


Michael returns to the warehouse and discovers that Dr Sara hasn’t returned yet. But he’s distracted from that by an argument between Sucre and Lincoln. Sucre wants to look for T-Bag, reasoning that he’s got the bird book, which has the plans for the break in. Lincoln thinks it’s a terrible idea for a member of the Fox River Eight to be looking for another member of the Fox River Eight.

Michael, ever the level headed one, suggests a compromise. Send Bellick.

Michael then goes to check on Roland and see if he’s set up for the sucking at the treasury department. Roland points out that all Self needs to do is take a walk a few floors down and they’re billionaires. Michael does not approve.


And the mission is on. Self bursts into Oren’s office babbling about Al Qaeda and bonds and generally making a tit of himself. Oren says that he has a meeting with Self’s department later and anything important can be talked about then.

But right now he has to open his super safe to get something out. When he does, the sucking device starts sucking. When the safe is closed again, the sucking device stops. Alas.

After leaving the office Self calls Michael to relay the bad news. Michael is not one to give up so easily and tells Self to get the blueprints for the building.

At that moment Dr Sara returns. Michael is obviously relieved. She tells them about the tall, black bearded man who was following her. Mahone shows her a picture and asks if it’s the guy. Dr Sara confirms it and Mahone reveals to the group that that’s the man who killed his son.

Michael says “Now he’s come to kill us.” The rest of the group do not slap him round the back of the head for stating the bloody obvious.


Mahone takes Sara down to the dock for a friendly chat about Evil Company Assassin. She gets a bit defensive about being at a bar but Mahone’s desperation obviously gets to her and she tells him about the events of last episode and her missing credit card, which they realise must be how he found her.


Inside the warehouse, Self and the blueprints have arrived. There’s the pesky issue of the security checkpoint to get past in order to access the tenth floor as well as all those silly government officials who will be swarming around the place.

Michael wants Self to get them into the parking structure. Self has resigned himself to the likelihood of lengthy prison time and is all “Transporting known felons? Why not?”


Meanwhile, Evil Company Assassin is paying a visit to Evil Gretchen in her lovely dungeon accommodation. One of the guards tells him to rub some Vicks under his nose before going in. That’s never a nice thing to hear.

Evil Gretchen is looking pretty much the same as last time. Evil Company Assassin tells her about Sara and asks what Michael and Lincoln would be doing in LA. Since Evil Gretchen doesn’t have an answer for that, Evil Company Assassin tortures her with smell by leaving a bucket of something under her nose.

In between the retching, Evil Gretchen continues to work out the nail from before.


Back at the warehouse, Michael sums up the problems with the safe: It needs Oren’s fingerprint to open (and it has to be on his finger since the safe would be able to tell the difference between that and a swiped fingerprint), it has a 12 digit code, hinges that are wired to the alarm and ¾ inch thick cobalt plate alloy bones.

Self then continues the summing up by stating their plan so far. Which is: get the guys into the garage, somehow get them up to the tenth floor, get them into Oren’s office for an hour during the middle of the day and hope that no one hears the extremely loud drilling into the safe that definitely can’t be opened.

But on the bright side, the blueprints show that the office next to Oren’s, that of one Sam Middleton, happens to share a common wall.


Over on the other side of the warehouse, Mahone has Roland look up when Bruce’s credit card was used and, taking into account how long it was between then and Dr Sara’s sighting of him, works out whereabouts Evil Company Assassin could be staying. It has to be the kind of place that doesn’t ask questions when you go out one night and come back the next morning covered in the blood of your enemies.


Over in GATE, T-Bag is still lounging around. He wants the receptionist to bring him another cup of tea, but she can’t cos people have arrived. Sucre and Bellick to be precise, which results in T-Bag diving behind his desk to hide.

Sucre and Bellick are pretending to be from an insurance agency and offer the receptionist $10,000 if she knows where T-Bag is. They show her his picture but after a bit of umming and ahhing she tells them she hasn’t seen him.

T-Bag clutches his makeshift weapon of a letter opener in relief.


In the warehouse there is a table full of stuff. Michael appoints himself chemistry teacher and talks Self through what happens when you mix aluminium powder with iron oxide and apply heat.

Self’s part of the plan is to take Sam Middleton out for lunch, leaving his office free for the team to use. Michael gives Self a little container of liquid, possibly as a good luck token, possibly for use in the plan, and wishes him luck.


And it’s mission time. Self drops off the guys in the building’s garage. Michael and Lincoln are wearing suits while Bellick and Sucre are dressed as janitors.

They fiddle with the lift so it takes them straight up to their floor, much to the consternation of some guys waiting for the lift on one of the floors in between. They then climb out the top of the lift to get where they need to be going.


Over at GATE, the receptionist and her cleavage of doom have come to confront T-Bag on recent events. She believes that he can give her a better offer than the guys who are looking for him. Such as his commencement cheque.

T-Bag then rambles on about being a leprechaun. Yes, seriously. He thinks she’s being greedy and woe betides the greedy. The cleavage of doom is having none of it and demands three percent of T-Bag’s commissions from now on. Not that he appears to be doing anything to earn commission…


Back with the mission. Self has arrived to take Sam out to lunch. Sam thinks that since they have a lot to get through they should eat in, dining on the take-away burgers he has procured for them. Self says they have to go out because, uh, he’s a vegetarian now.

As they leave, Self squirts the liquid Michael gave him all over the floor in front of Sam’s office door.

This looks like a job for the janitors! Sucre and Bellick have just landed in the janitor’s closet. Michael, still in the ceiling, is putting the grate back in place when a woman appears, citing no toilet paper in the ladies room. Neither of the guys have any idea where the toilet paper is, so the woman sighs heavily at their incompetence before getting it herself. Strangely she doesn’t find it suspicious that the janitors have no idea where anything in their storage area is.

Michael, meanwhile, is still gripping on to the grate by the tops of his fingers. His nose begins to bleed, causing Lincoln to give him a serious look.


Back home at the warehouse, Mahone is sitting on the docks when Roland comes over with a list of hotels in the area that Evil Company Assassin might be staying at. He starts going on about nature versus nurture and suggests that Evil Company Assassin probably didn’t want to be a murderer, but can’t help it because it’s in his DNA. Mahone is not impressed by this argument.


In mission land, Sucre has “discovered” the stain on the rug and calls for janitorial backup, stat. He tells the secretary that they have to clean it right now. She doesn’t take the hint to leave and just sits there while Bellick plugs in his really noisy cleaner.

With the noise outside, Michael and Lincoln are able to drop through the ceiling of Sam’s office and begin breaking through the wall unnoticed.

Lincoln takes this opportunity to grill Michael about his nosebleeds and ask how long they’ve been happening. Michael insists it’s not a big deal, but Linc says it was a big deal when Michael was thirteen. Ooh, intriguing. Michael doesn’t want Sara to know. Linc is all “Uh, Sara’s a doctor, she can help you. Duh.”

Sara, who is currently searching for information about Laos to try and work out why the Company is interested in it.


Mahone, meanwhile, is at the bar where Dr Sara went last episode. He asks the awesome bartender if she’s seen Evil Company Assassin, telling her that he’s Dr Sara’s abusive ex. Awesome bartender is able to tell him the kind of car Evil Company Assassin had.

Evil Company Assassin is in his hotel’s reception, bribing the guy on the desk with $300 for “a small kindness.”


The mission is still going strong. Until the secretary decides that she’s had enough of the noise and switches the machine off. She also wants to go into the office to get some letters from her boss’s desk. Bellick and Sucre convince her that the spill is highly hazardous and would be dangerous for her to walk over. Sucre almost blows this story by grabbing onto her arm with his gloved hand, but presumably the secretary is just too tired of all this to care and lets him go into the office for her. Apparently no one in this government office is the suspicious type.

So of course another problem appears. This time in the form of Pad Man, who has come to Oren’s office to have a chat.


Mahone has found the hotel where Evil Company Assassin is staying. He brings along the gun that Pam gave him in the diner but keeps it hidden for now. He asks the reception clerk about ECA. Clerk says he was staying there but has left by now. Mahone goes on his way.

The clerk then calls up a number to say “You wanted to know if anyone came looking for you?” Evil Company Assassin is on the other end of the line, asking if that means someone did. Before the clerk can confirm this, Mahone has a gun pointed at his head. Clerk is all “No, no one came.”

Mahone now has Evil Company Assassin’s phone number. Think of all the things he could do with that! Prank phonecalls galore!


Back with the mission. Pad Man and Oren are having a talk about Laos. Where bad things are happening, according to the news. Michael has broken through the safe and the sucking gadget is sucking.

Pad Man is talking about how important things are right now and that certain recent events have made him uneasy. He also has had confirmation that one of their targets is in LA. Michael is not thrilled to overhear that they know where he is.

Pad Man also wants Oren to produce his data card to further enhance dramatic tension for some completely plot based reason.

Roland reports that they’re only 72% done with the sucking. Oren slowly goes about the process of opening his safe while Michael waits until the last possible second to put the gaping chunk he’s removed back in place as Roland gives continual updates on how far they’ve got. Oren gives them that last little bit of time they need by turning back to Pad Man and telling him how hurt he is that after all these years he doesn’t trust him.

Of course everything works out, the sucking device finishes sucking and the back of the safe is put back just in time for Oren to take out his card. Pad Man says that from now on, all cardholders must have their cards on their person at all times.

The guys make their getaway just as Self and Sam return. Sam is making fun of the horrible food that Self ate because as we all know, vegetarian food is disgusting. Ha ha.


Back at the warehouse, Michael and Sara are having some quality time on the dock. Sara explains that Laos is in crisis because the economy was flooded with billions in counterfeit currency. Michael realises that the Company tore the country down so they could profit by rebuilding it.

Sara also tells him that she was at a bar earlier. She says that she didn’t drink but she wanted to tell him cos she wants him to know that she’ll never lie to him. Michael, filled with the guilt of his own secret, just kisses her.


In the GATE offices, the cleavage of doom is leading a man in to see T-Bag. It’s the murderous Asian from the last episode. The official Fox site calls him Feng.

Feng is upset that Cole has not delivered Scylla like he promised. He is not happy about this. So he offers T-Bag a deal; if he gets Scylla to him by the end of the day he gets his full fee, if it’s tomorrow he gets 50%, if it’s two days he gets 25%, if it’s three days he gets shot through the brain.

As Feng leaves we see the cleavage of doom examining the piece of paper Bellick gave her.


In the dungeon accommodation of Evil Gretchen, a nameless Company guy makes the mistake of thinking he can be like one of the big guys. He comes in to taunt Evil Gretchen and change her smelly bucket and she uses the opportunity to stab him in the head with the nail she worked free from her chair.

Evil Gretchen is now free and clearly not happy with the Company.


In the warehouse, the team are looking at the remaining card holders. Thanks to the enhanced images, two of them have now been named but the third one, Pad Man, is a mystery and all they know is he’s a general. Off to the side, Sara tells Michael that while she was held in Panama she heard Evil Gretchen taking orders from a guy she called the General. She says she thinks he’s the one in charge of the entire Company.


Speaking of whom, Pad Man and Evil Company Assassin are in Pad Man’s office discussing the Evil Gretchen situation. Their talk is interrupted by a guy who comes to tell them that an enhanced image search has been done on Pad Man by Homeland Security agent Don Self.

So… how long do we think Self has to live after that?

The recap for episode 4.6 is going to be a bit of a challenge to write due to Sky being an arse and losing signal for great chunks of the episode, including the end, so I actually don't know what's going on at the moment. I'll have to find another recap online to help me along.
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