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Prison Break From the Start

Ok, I have a Prison Break From the Start recap. It's very basic but I think it covers all the main points. Except for most of what happened in season three, because I didn't watch that.

Once upon a time there was a man named Lincoln Burrows. Lincoln was set up by the Evil Company and accused of a crime he didn’t commit, namely killing Terrence Steadman, brother of Vice-President Evil Caroline. He was sentenced to death and sent to Fox River to await his execution. His brother, Michael Scofield, genius extraordinaire, decided to come up with an elaborate break out strategy, had the plans tattooed on his upper body and robbed a bank in order to get thrown in Fox River too.

Michael’s cellmate was a man named Fernando Sucre, a complete sweetie who held up a liquor store in order to get more money so he could buy his pregnant girlfriend Maricruz nice things.

Michael feigned diabetes in order to get access to the infirmary, where he met Dr Sara Tancredi and promptly fell in love. The feeling was mutual.

He also met T-Bag (murdering, raping paedophile), Charles Westmoreland (DB Cooper – stole millions, died during the escape), C-Note (go to guy), Haywire (crazy), Abruzzi (mob boss), Tweener (annoying kid) and Bellick (meanie guard)

Various events happened which meant certain unsavoury characters had to be brought into the plan and eventually, with the help of Dr Sara, the Fox River Eight made their escape.

Outside of prison, Lincoln’s son LJ went on the run after seeing his mother and stepfather murdered in front of him. Evil Paul of the Company went around killing people. Evil Caroline killed the president in order to get the top job herself.

Season two:

Abruzzi, Tweener and Haywire were all killed by Crazy Mahone, the pill-popping FBI agent charged with recapturing the Fox River Eight but under secret orders from the Company to kill them.

The escapees managed to dig up Westmoreland’s hidden money. It changed hands a lot of times but ended up in the water off Panama.

Michael and Lincoln’s dad Aldo showed up and revealed that he was working against the Company and had been for some time. He was shot by Mahone before any real father-son bonding could happen.

Sara’s dad was killed and she found a key by his body, which led to her and Michael finding the USB drive of freedom that proved an incestuous relationship between Evil Caroline and Terrence Steadman. They were going to use this to blackmail her but she stepped down as president instead.

C-Note rode off into the sunset with his family after some troubled times.

Evil Paul gained Sara’s trust, then tortured her, then turned himself in to save her prison time, then was presumably killed by the Company. His revelations meant that Lincoln also ended up a free man.

The Company’s main man, Pad Man, engineered events so that Michael was thrown into a Panamanian prison named Sona. Mahone and Bellick were there too.

Season three:

T-Bag joined the others in Sona.

Evil Gretchen took LJ and Sara hostage in order to blackmail Michael into helping break a man named Whistler out of prison. Whistler had a bird book in a safety deposit box which was also highly sought after.

Evil Gretchen beheaded Sara.

I stopped watching.

Season four:

Michael, Lincoln, Not-So-Dead Sara, Sucre, Bellick, Mahone and a new guy named Roland are a new team created by Homeland Security Agent Don Self. Their mission is to get hold of Scylla, which contains everything you need to know about the Evil Company and will bring them down.

Scylla is on six different cards. They need to get close enough to each card so that Roland's fancy sucking gadget can suck up the information and copy it to their computer.

But even once they have all the information, they can't decode it without breaking into a secure facility. The bird book has information on how to do this, but is still in the possession of T-Bag.

T-Bag has been following the information hidden in the book, which leads to him pretending to be Cole Pfeiffer, a GATE employee. Which I assume was what Whistler had originally planned to do.

The Evil Company obviously does not want anyone to find Scylla, so they have dispatched Evil Company Assassin to kill Michael and co.


I think that's the story so far and I hope what I've written has made sense. If not, let me know and I'll try to explain it if possible. :)

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