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Yet More Recaps

So, I have the next two Prison Break recaps ready to go. I'm also considering writing a complete recap of the story so far for people who have forgotten things that have happened. I'm not sure about it though, so for now I'll just present you with these two:

Episode 4.3: Shut Down

Agent Self is on the docks, fiddling with his wedding ring. I bet that’s not foreshadowing anything for future episodes…

Michael interrupts his alone time to come and shout at him about the whole Scylla being six cards thing. He’s very unhappy that Self pretended there was only one card in order to suck them in before screwing them over.

Self is confused. And impressed that Michael has the card. But mostly confused.

Michael uses Roland’s helpful ‘Scylla=Pizza’ analogy to explain it. Self understands, and points out that since their deal was for Michael to get Scylla, not the card, then he has some more work to do.


Inside the warehouse, Michael breaks the good news to the rest of the team.

Mahone wonders if Self might shut them down. Michael says they should concentrate in finding Scylla rather than finding new things to worry about.

So, Roland’s sucking gadget also managed to suck up the data from the first cardholder’s PDA. Dr Sara’s been examining it and points out that today is the only day with a clear schedule, except for an asterisk, which must therefore mean something important is going to happen.

Also, Lincoln is still being a jerk to Mahone. I wonder if the two of them are going to come to blows soon.


Outside the warehouse, Mahone is calling Agent Lang. Who I believe I referred to as Heartless Bitch in my previous recaps.

Heartless Bitch is surprised to hear from him. Mahone needs her help. He tells her that they killed his boy and he needs to find out who did it.

Lincoln, who has come outside presumably to have a go at Mahone, overhears this.


Back inside Michael reveals to Dr Sara that Self said they had until the end of the day to find the next card holder or they all go back to prison. Guess he just didn’t want to admit Mahone was right in front of the others.


Elsewhere, the documents that T-Bag got from the locker have led him to a nice apartment and the identity of Cole Pfeiffer, a man who’s about to start a $75,000 a year job with a $10,000 starting bonus. T-Bag wants!


Things are not going so well for Bruce. Evil Company Assassin has tied him to a chair and drugged him up to the eyeballs. He’s now telling him that he’s on a family picnic with everyone he loves. But Michael and Lincoln haven’t arrived yet… where could they be?

Bruce doesn’t know.

Time for more drugs.


Over in Self’s FBI office, his director is threatening to pull the plug on the whole thing. He’s ok with letting Self and the boys play with finding one card, but six? That’s just not cool and he’s telling the senator. So nyeh.


In the warehouse, the team is wondering what the first cardholder (Tuxhorn) could be doing today. He has an email about a flight to London, but he’s not actually going to the UK. (Or Canada, I assume)

Mahone wonders if it could be a code. Michael says he’s so glad Alex is on the team, and quickly works out that the first letters of the words in the email spell out Scylla. People on the internet seem to think this is a huge jump in logic for him to realise that. These people obviously do not do puzzles on a regular basis; that’s one of the most basic codes possible.

Anyway, meeting about Scylla. 4pm. But where? Ah, that would be sent in another email. Or two. Which they don’t have. Because Roland’s sucking gadget ran out of hard drive space. Seriously?

But there should be a shadow file of the emails in the servers at Anaheim. Lincoln thinks that Roland can just hack in and get it. Because TV and film has taught us that it’s just that easy.

Alas, TV and film have lied to us and they’re going to have to go to the servers themselves to retrieve the emails.


Anaheim. Sara is at reception, spinning a story about being there for a job interview. Which the guard obviously has no record of.

Michael is waiting outside, where Agent Self phones him to rant about what the hell he’s doing in Anaheim. Michael hangs up just before the director returns to tell Self that the senator says he can’t play any more.

Sara, meanwhile, is sweetly asking the security guard at reception if he could phone human resources and ask if they could please see her anyway. Fortunately for their plan, his phone is not right next to his computer, so he walks over to call up, giving Dr Sara the opportunity to grab his security pass and hand it off to Michael walking past her.

Michael and Roland head on up to the server room with Michael showing off his engineer’s knowledge of building layouts on the way.


Mahone gets a phone call from Heartless Bitch, who is actually being quite compassionate and ruining my naming scheme. She’s got him the information he asked for and tells Mahone that if he does track the guy down, to call her. She doesn’t want him getting hurt.


Back at reception, the security guard tells Sara that HR won’t see her. I do wonder what would have happened if they’d been all “Ok, great! We need someone soon, send her up.”

Sara goes to leave, but eagle-eyed security guard has noticed that his badge is missing. He stops her and searches her bag while she protests that she didn’t take it.

Lincoln, who is looking in from outside, calls Michael to tell him that Sara’s been made. He abandons Roland in the server room and does the only thing he can think of to save his beloved… he pulls the fire alarm.

The security guard tells Sara to stay where she is, which is a pretty sucky thing to do to someone during a potential fire. Even if you do suspect them of taking your stuff.

Sara sensibly ignores him, and leaves with the rest of the people exiting the building.


Upstairs in the server room, Michael returns and Roland succeeds. Now for them to slip out with everyone else and revel in their triumph.

Or…er… find themselves trapped in the server room due to the fire-prevention measures that protect the servers by sealing the room and sucking out all the oxygen.

Roland wonders why the hell Michael would pull the fire alarm when he knew about this. Michael didn’t think the old building would have such an advanced system.

Good job, idiot.


Lincoln calls Michael to ask where he is. Michael relates their predicament. Lincoln does the only thing you can do in a situation like this; he strolls to a fire truck, grabs an axe and walks inside the building. Just as calm as can be.

As Michael and Roland are contemplating the last moments of their lives, Lincoln appears and smashes the glass. They’re free!


In a car park somewhere, I’m not sure where, Bellick and Sucre are hanging out. Bellick thinks this whole thing is a waste of time with no hope of success and suggests that the two of them head on down to Mexico instead.

Sucre is not impressed.


Agent Self is not happy about his toys being taken away and goes to the senator himself to ask for them back.


Back at the warehouse, they have the two emails that came from the same IP address as the one about the meeting. One is about getting a bigger penis and one is about joining a stargazing club.

The second one has a labelled map of the sky and Mahone suggests a website that lets you enter coordinates of star patterns and, depending on the date, picks a corresponding place on earth. He knows this because he used to do that with his son. *sob*

Unfortunately the location given in is Antarctica, so that’s probably not it. But it did give Mahone the chance to wallow in his grief some more.

Roland is not happy that he almost died for nothing. Michael points out that a lot of people have died. Roland says they’re suckers.

This is not a good thing to say. Mahone grabs him by the throat and slams him down on the table, telling to say that again about the people who died.

Lincoln, now filled with compassion and understanding for Mahone as opposed to his previous loathing and contempt, calms him down and sends Roland on his way.


Bellick is still trying to convince Sucre to make a break for it. Sucre says that the only thing that matter to him right now weighs seven pounds, has her mothers eyes and his heart in the palm of her tiny hand and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get back to her. Awwww. We love Sucre.

Unfortunately, since the plug has been pulled on their little mission, the Feds turn up to arrest them. But not before Sucre texts Michael to run.


The warehouse team get ready to hightail it out of there, although Roland chooses to stay behind.

As they’re driving away, Michael phones Self to ask what the hell is going on. Self says it’s out of his hands and Michael realises the guy isn’t going to be any more help.

Their car is quickly blocked in and they follow the script of car chases everywhere and start running.

They all hide behind a cargo box and Michael and Mahone take the opportunity to shout at each other for a bit. Lincoln has to be the voice of reason (uh oh) and points out that they’re still wearing their ankle monitors and are currently being chased by bucketloads of FBI agents, as well has still not knowing where the cardholders are meeting. Which might be more important right now.

The first problem is solved by hiding in some kind of tunnel, which gives them some time to try and work out what was in those emails.

Michael is having a bit of a hard time so Dr Sara tries to comfort him by pointing out how good they are at pulling off the impossible. Like her coming back from the dead. I’m not sure a reminder of that painful time is the best thing right now.

In the end it’s some conveniently placed posters that give them the answer. Michael notices how they’re positioned on top of each other and realises that you need to do that with the emails. He makes holes where the stars are and places that paper over the gibberish spam, thus revealing letters which spell out ‘power plant new beach’.

They don’t have long to get to Newport Beach power plant though, so it’s time to run again. Of course the ankle bracelet signal is back again so Agent Self and co are not far behind.

Lincoln steals a cab for them to use. I can just imagine people trying to flag him down as they speed along.


Over at the meeting site, Tuxhorn and Pad Man are discussing their nefarious schemes, which involve doing things to Laos then Denmark or Chad. I can’t imagine these things will be good for the countries in question.

But the team has arrived to save the day. Or whatever it is they’re planning to do here. The Feds are close behind so the guys split up and get caught one by one. Except for Michael. Dr Sara distracts their pursuers long enough for him to sneak up on the meeting.

The meeting which is apparently not just between Tuxhorn and Pad Man if these new cars are any indication.


Back at the warehouse, the team members are all being piled into a van. Except Sara, who’s only on this team out of her own free will. She just goes to get her stuff.

But before they can be taken away, Michael drives up and reveals the video he took on his phone. It wasn’t a meeting between two cardholders, it was between all six of them. And knowing who has the other five cards should mean something, even to someone whose word means nothing.

Self has a little flashback to his director talking about the senator. It’s not made entirely clear as to why but presumably one or both of them is evil.

Self tells Michael that next time he’s runs he’s going to end up with a bullet in his back. Somehow I doubt that. The other members of the team are released just as Sara is walking back out of the warehouse.

Michael walks up to her and promises that someday they’ll drop that boat of hers into the water and disappear forever. She kisses the top of his head. Sweet.


Mahone wanders off to retrieve an envelope full of pictures of his son’s autopsy, which just devastate him even more. Linc comes over to offer his condolences. Mahone reveals that they did this to get to him and they left his ex-wife alive so she could tell him that she’d be next if he didn’t turn himself in.

Lincoln says that when their mission is over he’ll help Mahone find the people who killed his son. They shake on it and a new bond is formed.


Evil Company Assassin, meanwhile, has not had much luck finding out where Michael and Lincoln are, so he tries a new tactic. Where is Sara?

That Bruce knows. She’s in Los Angeles.

In return for his help, Evil Company Assassin shoots him in the back of the head. Sad. I liked Bruce.


Episode 4.4: Eagles and Angels

We start with adorable Michael/Sara flirting out by the water. We learn that Michael has never been on a yacht (I guess that distinctly yacht-like boat at the end of season two doesn’t count) and that Sara has but she was so wasted at the time she doesn’t remember it.

Sara wistfully says that she always wanted to live on one and have the ocean as her front yard. Michael sweeps his hand out and grandly says the ocean is her front yard. It’s possibly the most animated Michael has ever been. It’s cute.

They agree that one day they’ll sail away in the boat that currently serves as Sara’s bedroom in the warehouse.

Then Sucre appears to bring our focus back to the boring old real plot of the episode. *sigh*

The group are gathered in the warehouse, analysing the film that Michael took on his phone at the end of the last episode. They’ve managed to identify diplomatic plates on one of the cars and the flag as Turkish.

So they’re off to get close to Turkish consul Erol Tabak.


Elsewhere, T-Bag is getting ready for his first day at work by trying to remember how to spell his own fake last name.


This little diversion has given Michael and co enough time to get on down to the Turkish consulate and park near Mr Tabak’s car. The sucking gadget starts sucking and everything is going to plan until Mrs Tabak walks away from the group.

The guys are confused about why they’re getting no data when they’re right next to the man and it’s Michael who has to point out the flaw in their sexist assumption and realise that Mr Tabak isn’t the card holder after all, his wife is.


Back at the warehouse, Dr Sara is doing some more video examination while Roland tries to suck up to Bellick.

Agent Self then calls to break the bad news to Sara that her lifelong friend is dead. This makes Dr Sara very sad.


Mrs Tabak enters her office to the friendly greeting of Pad Man. Mrs Tabak’s name is Lisa, so I’m going to call her that from now on because it’s a lot easier. Anyway, Pad Man tells Lisa that the value of the kip is 10 and when it reaches 15 she’ll have to leave. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to understand that, but I don’t.

Lisa can’t go now, though, because she’s committed to a charity function tonight.


Meanwhile, the team are waiting for her out in the courtyard. They’re sitting around a table sipping drinks. It all looks very nice and civilised. They can’t get close to her when she exits, though, due to the triangle of men surrounding her.

But they find another issue to divert their attention in the form of T-Bag, who happens to have showed up. He is not surrounded by armed men and so they go after him. He runs.

Showing that he’s not a complete moron after all, T-Bag throws the bird book into some plants before Michael and Lincoln catch up with him. Unable to find the book on his person, they have to let him go due to a nearby security guard getting kinda suspicious about the quite violent meeting going on over there.

T-Bag is then able to retrieve the book and go on his merry way.


Evil Company Assassin calls in to Pad Man to let him know that he’s after Dr Sara. Pad Man is not impressed and demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge about Michael’s character by dismissing Sara as “irrelevant”.

Pad Man also wonders if Evil Gretchen has told them anything yet. Evil Company Assassin thinks they should just kill her. I think he just likes killing people.

Which is good, because Pad Man has also noticed a former employee looking into Scylla and they can’t be having things like that, now can they?


Back in the warehouse, there is some talk about T-Bag’s appearance.

Dr Sara is mourning in her boat, blaming herself for Bruce’s death. Michael assures her that it was Bruce’s choice to help her and that the Company killed him, not her.

Sara is probably wondering how many people she’s going to have left by the end of this series.


Back with T-Bag, he has turned up for his first day of work at GATE. He enters and… whoa that receptionist has a large cleavage. She gives T-Bag a couple of messages from Mr Xing, which has some relevance to something in the bird book.


At the warehouse, Michael calls Self who confirms that Bruce was murdered and wonders if the man knew where Michael and co were. Michael wants information on the next phase of the operation. Self has his man on it.

Michael also tells him about T-Bag and the bird book which Mahone thinks contains a plan for the break in.

Over in another area of the warehouse, the guys are looking up Lisa Tabek. She’s going to a charity event tonight called Eagles and Angels, which is all about police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Which means the place is going to be full of law enforcement.


Self is on the phone to his man, the used car salesman who worked for the Company. The man does know where the card decoder is but he’s more worried about the clicks he’s heard on his phone line. Self tells him not to worry; he’s coming to get him. Unfortunately Evil Company Assassin gets there first.


Over in GATE, T-Bag learns that he’s not getting his commencement cheque until the boss gets back. This is bad. But he does get a fancy corner office, the number of which corresponds to the one in the bird book. This is good.


Sara, upset about the death of her close friend, decides to find a bar to drown her sorrows in. Fortunately for her she is served by super awesome bar tender lady who recognises a sober alcoholic and talks her out of drinking.

Dr Sara shares her woes and tells the bartender all about how Bruce was like a second father to her who took her to see Annie when her actual father pulled out at the last minute. You know, considering this I would have expected far more emotions in season two when Sara thought Bruce had betrayed her and when he found out that she’d been tortured.

There’s another man in the bar who tries to hit on Sara. She rejects his advances and he responds by taking Bruce’s credit card from her bag and using it to pay his bill.

Hmm, I wonder if the Evil Company could possibly be keeping an eye on Bruce’s finances, knowing that he was helping Sara?


Michael, Lincoln and Sucre are breaking in again. This time to steal police uniforms. Which they, and Mahone, promptly put to use at the benefit. And yes, they look good. Very good.

Michael sticks the sucking gadget under Lisa’s table just before being accosted by a policeman who wonders where Michael works out of. Michael says that one of the dead officers is one of his guys in order to make the other man leave him alone and feel guilty.

As the benefit begins there is a moment of silence for the fallen officers, which Michael and Lincoln use to think of their father and Mahone uses to think of his son.

One of Lisa’s bodyguards, a big bald guy who had eyed the guys in the car near the beginning of the episode, gives Lincoln a piercing look. Linc quietly tells the others that he’s been made and slips out the back.

The sucking gadget is doing its thing and it looks like everything is going to plan, so of course Pad Man chooses this moment to tell Lisa that the kip’s at 15 and it’s time for her to go.

Outside, Lincoln calls Bellick to tell him he’s been made. But before he can reach the car, the bald guy catches up with him and pulls a gun. Just as it looks like it’s all over for our Linc, Bellick arrives to stab the guard with a screwdriver. Wow, go Bellick! Lincoln finishes the job then calls Michael to calmly tell him that they have a problem due to him just killing one of the guards.

Michael doesn’t have the card yet, though. He tells Lincoln to leave the body and wait for Mahone.


We get a bit of a break from this action by going over to see the state of Evil Gretchen. She’s not looking too good. But she is gradually digging something out of the back of her chair with her bloody fingers, so she’s not out yet.


Back at the benefit Mahone tells Lisa’s guards that something has happened to one of their colleagues. He asks one of them to come with him to make an ID while instructing Michael to wait with Lisa to keep her safe.

While the sucking gadget sucks, Lisa makes small talk with her new guard and points out that his nose is bleeding. Hmmm… what could this mean?


Back at the warehouse, Bellick is worried about the fall out from what they did. But not to worry, Self has it covered.

Yes, apparently the guard’s killing was politically motivated. Possibly by an Armenian who thought the consul was going to be at the event. The bodyguard just got in the way.

Michael and Self have a little chat about dead people. First Bruce and now Self’s guy. Self informs Michael that with his guy dead they don’t know where the card reader is.

Michael stays positive and says they have to keep moving forward no matter what. Self says he likes Michael’s style. Aw, how sweet. They’re bonding.


Over at GATE, T-Bag is still trying to work out Whistler’s plan while the cleavage of doom, and the receptionist it’s attached to, seems to be flirting with him. Ew.

Also, remember Mr Xing? Well, he’s dead now. Killed by an angry bald Asian who is unhappy that Xing doesn’t have Scylla.


In the warehouse, Sucre is celebrating getting another card. Roland is being shifty about what he found on Lisa’s phone. Lincoln thanks Bellick for what he did. Bellick is still pretty shaken up. Seems for all his bravado, actually killing someone got to him.

Mahone surreptitiously asks for Roland’s help in finding the man who killed his son. He has a sketch of Evil Company Assassin and wants Roland to hack into the FBI database and find his profile.


In the bar of awesome bartenders, Dr Sara has popped to the loo for a minute. Evil Company Assassin chooses this moment to drop in and ask the bartender if she’s seen this woman. The bartender takes a good look at the picture before telling him no, she hasn’t been in.

Dr Sara slips out the door unnoticed.

Later, she’s walking back through the park, chatting with Michael on her phone, telling him sweet things about him being what’s keeping her going right now and she just wants them to be together. Michael points out that they are together and it’s not one day any more, it’s today. He says she should come back so they can make some dinner and have a little time for themselves. Just like two parents needing some alone time away from their time consuming criminal offspring.

Dr Sara is happy about this and continues on home, blissfully unaware that Evil Company Assassin is RIGHT BEHIND YOU! following her home as well.
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