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So, who watched Doctor Who?

So many people! It was like a giant reunion show. Jack and Sarah Jane and Martha Harriet Jones and the Daleks.

And Rose. Rose was there. We love Rose. The Doctor loves Rose. I loved his smile when he realised she was there. I was glad they actually saw each other. I was kinda worried that they were going to do the whole "Almost meeting but always missing each other" thing. Although they kinda did that anyway. The running took so long it was obvious something was going to happen.

The regeneration was a surprise. I'm pretty sure David Tennant is staying, so I assume something will happen to save him and he won't regenerate after all. But I don't know what. The beam only seemed to hit half his body so maybe half of him will regenerate and half will stay the same. Like some freakish hybrid monster. That would take the show in a whole new direction.

And then there was Davros. I wasn't overly impressed with this, probably because I am a New Who fan and while I know about Davros I'm not really excited about seeing him at all.

Also, I'm quite drunk right now. So if this post makes no sense, well, blame the rum. And the vodka. And the gin. And the Spirit of Louisiana.
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