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It's posts like these that make you realise how boring your life really is...

Mum and I were in Tesco on Saturday when the fire alarm went off. Everyone ignored it, as British people do when we hear alarms, but it turned out to be real and we had to evacuate the building. No actual fire though; people were allowed back in after about ten minutes. Still, a bit more excitement than we usually get at the supermarket.

Interestingly enough, the alarm sounded just after we'd selected a birthday present for Kat. Was this Tesco's way of disapproving of our choice?

Oh great and wise Tesco, what do you think I should buy my brother's girlfriend for her 21st birthday?

(Also, I can't help but wonder how the clean up of trolleys would go after an event like this. How long do staff give people to return before they start clearing the abandoned trolleys away? Do they put the items straight back on the shelves or collect them all up to do later? What about frozen food? So many questions!)
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