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DVDs and death

Mum got me the Alias season two DVDs today. Robert and I watched some of the extras while talking and joking about them. This was after talking and joking about various other things, including Joan of Arcadia. I've only seen one episode of that but I like it so far, God's very likable. I love talking with Robert about TV, I think we could spend ages doing that.

In other news, I'm wondering if being interested in politics warps your brain. I was looking at some liberal and conservative communities and most of the people seem to be rude and/or stupid. It's depressing. Also depressing is all the arguing over Ronald Reagan. Two things I want to say about him. One - Just because someone's dead it doesn't mean you're not allowed to dislike them. Two - He was 93! It's not a great tragedy. And the guy had Alzheimer's so he's probably better off now.

I don't understand this mentality that death is always bad. I was pleased for my grandad when he died. Not because I didn't love him but because I did, very much. Since my grandmother died he was a shell of his former self and it was his time.

Going back to politics, I hear it's a local election on the 10th as well as a European one. I didn't know this. Weird.

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