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PGCE Update

In the biggest non-surprise of the year, I did not get into Aberystwyth.

I now have no active choices left on my application but I can add more. Except I can't because when I try to it gives me no options for one of the fields and won't let me continue until I've selected something.

I probably shouldn't even bother anyway, because one of the requirements for the course is recent school experience and the ability to analyse and articulate it. That's where my main problem is and it makes me wonder if I should even be considering teaching at all.

I'm always stumbling over words and finding it difficult to get across what I mean. It's extremely frustrating, like I have an image in my mind but I can't turn it into words. And if I can't do this with myself then how on earth am I going to explain things to children and help them learn?

It was probably a mistake to try and go straight into the teaching route. Maybe I should try some other things first in order to built up my confidence, abilities and experience before trying again.
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