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What I Did On Valentine's Day

My day:

1. Took Rose to the vet to have a mammary tumour removed.
2. Went to Tesco with Mum.
3. Had a dentist appointment.
4. Went to work. Spent almost the whole time doing overstickers. So many pages of overstickers!
5. Found out that I'm working Saturday next week but not Friday. That's going to throw my internal calendar out of whack.
6. Bought Eternity II clue puzzle 4 but haven't started it yet.
7. Picked Rose up from the vet. She seems to be doing well.
8. Had to decline invitation to birthday party in Canterbury due to lack of time at weekend. Shame.
9. So tired. Need sleep now.
Tags: birthday, canterbury, puzzles, ratties, work

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