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Work, damn you! Work!

I may not be the greatest computer expert in the world, or even in this house but I like to consider myself basically computer literate. I can click on the right buttons, I know how to send email, I can type without looking at the keys.

But apparently I'm just a fucking luddite. Ooh, fire pretty.

Well, either that or the open university has a stupid system. One of the great lessons of life - always blame something else.

Hey Jeni, remember your reaction when I swore on sd-1? Well....

I fucking hate this stupid piece of shit. Why won't it work?? And then when I wrote an email to my tutor about it that didn't work either! It just came up as nothing!! And the system is fucking stupid, it puts everything in my mailbox. If I open a new message but close it before writing anything it still goes in the mailbox!! I eventually managed to sent the email but the assignment is due in TOMORROW. How am I supposed to make it work in time?

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