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3.04 - Good Fences

Mini Recap:

It takes a while, but after some dramatic shots of Lincoln meeting Michael, interspersed with tension-building flashbacks, we finally get to see what was in the box.

It was, indeed, Dr Sara’s head.

Fuck you, Prison Break. Fuck you.

Lincoln doesn’t tell Michael his girlfriend is dead. Susan B whines about how horrible it was for her to have to decapitate a woman. Crazy Mahone has flashbacks of Haywire telling him to burn things kill. Sucre plans to head off to earn some money for his family and completely abandon the man who broke him out of prison.

Michael, meanwhile, contrives a way to turn the electric fence back on. He also needs Linc to get the gravedigger on his side. Linc takes Susan B along, which results in her shooting the man they need. Good job, Susan B. You just can’t help killing, can you?

Another person who can’t help killing is T-Bag, who offs the prison drug dealer and steals his wares. He then provides Mahone with a happy little needle full of happy little drugs. Near the beginning of the episode, Michael entrusted Mahone with the vitally important mission of finding a felt tip pen. At the end, Mahone realises he’s been sent on a wild goose chase and threatens Michael up against a wall, which is really quite hot and I wonder how long it’ll be before those two make out.

Linc comes back to tell Michael that, as far as he knows, Sara and LJ are fine. The gravedigger, on the other hand, is dead. Michael is not happy, but Lincoln tells him that they have a new gravedigger. Michael heads out to the yard to catch a glimpse of the guy. It’s Sucre! Yay for Sucre not giving up on his prison boyfriend.

And the reason for all this? The dead bodies are sprayed with some chemical that, when heated, burns through steel. Which is why Sucre is currently spraying it on the now-live electric fence.

My Thoughts:

Because it can’t be said enough: Fuck you, Prison Break. I’m so glad I spent two years getting invested in this character and this relationship(!) Bastards.

Am I going to continue watching? I don’t know. Like I’ve said before, I’m not impressed with season 3 or interested in the characters. Which, I suppose I’m actually quite relieved about, because if I still loved this show as much as I used to, Dr Sara’s death would have completely devastated me. As it is I’m more annoyed than anything (Fuck you, Prison Break. Seriously.)

But if certain rumours are true (look up Prison Break and Molly) then I’m out. Because that’s fucking ridiculous.

Fuck you, Prison Break.
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