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I'm upset with my tutor. A while ago she suggested we all send in a practice eTMA to make sure we can do it right before the first deadline. Well I sent mine in on the 20th of May. She didn't get around to checking them until yesterday and for some reason mine didn't work and isn't on her list of the ones she received. So now I only have two days before the deadline to try and work out what went wrong.

Would it have been so difficult for her to have checked them before? Why wait so long? I've sent in another practice, this time in rtf but if that was the problem then surely she'd have got mine and would have known whose it was and would have told me she couldn't read it.

I don't see what's wrong! I sent it, got a receipt and it's there. It says it's been submitted. So why didn't she get it? And what's going to happen if she doesn't get the assignment? Am I going to lose marks for this? That doesn't seem fair.
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