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End of Week Recap and Recap

I have finished my first week at work. It wasn't too bad. I made some mistakes, did some stupid things and felt like an idiot a few times, but overall things were ok. I went on the till for the first time today. I was dreading it but actually I think I like it better than being behind the scenes. This may be due to the very nice people who guided me through it and helped me along. I may have a different opinion once I'm left on my own!

And I also have the latest Prison Break recap for your reading pleasure:

Episode 3.03 Call Waiting

Panama Hotel

Lincoln is in his hotel room, examining the mysterious bird book and the random numbers and words scribbled on the pages.

As he is doing this, someone sneaks up the stairs and slides two envelopes under his door, but leaves before Linc can see who it was. The envelopes contain Polaroid pictures of LJ and Dr Sara holding newspapers.

A hand reaches out to touch Lincoln on the shoulder. It’s Sucre! Aw, it’s crying Sucre. He’s sad and wants some money. Linc tells him that the backpack’s gone and anything he gets will be used to help Michael, saying “Remember him? Tall guy? Kinda thin? Busted your ass out of jail?”

Sucre does indeed remember his prison boyfriend but says that while he feels bad that the guy’s got himself locked up again, Sucre has some problems of his own what with still being a wanted man. This doesn’t sway Linc, who shows Sucre the Polaroids and tells him that while they’re all guilty of something, these two aren’t. I wish Sucre had more of a reaction to seeing Dr Sara since he did know her a bit.

Anyway, Sucre gives up and leaves, but Lincoln is more focused on the picture of Dr Sara and the way her left hand is pointing to a part of the newspaper.



Another fight is just finishing. Basketball Kid philosophises with Michael about how quickly men become animals. He says that the smart ones will go for the dead guy’s bunk first. Michael asks what the dumb ones do.

Right on cue, Bellick appears to give a demonstration by trying to take the guy’s shoes, but he’s only half successful; the other shoe ending up in the clutches of some kind of drag queen. Or at least as much of a drag queen as one can be with the limited resources available to them in Sona.

Michael heads off to find Lechero and offer his thanks for the Whistler situation and his help in the future. Lechero isn’t interested, which I’m sure will turn out to be a big mistake since Michael is, you know, the boy wonder who solves everything.

Mike then goes out to meet up with Linc, who tells him about Sofia and the bird book. He also passes the Polaroid of Dr Sara though the fence. Michael’s reaction is so heartfelt and desperate, demonstrating how much he loves her.

Lincoln breaks him out of his Sara Spell to point out the way that she’s holding the paper, with her finger pointing to a section. Michael says that it’s too small and he can’t read it. Lincoln has brought along a copy of the paper though, which I’m sure Michael would have thought about asking for if his brain hadn’t shut down at the sight of his love in danger.

Lincoln shows him that the section Sara is pointing to is about Santa Rita, a small town about twenty miles away. Michael desperately says that she’s trying to tell them where she is and that he has to talk to her. Linc points out that other people will be listening in to the conversation. Michael admits that he’s having no luck coming up with an escape attempt so Lincoln will have to go rescue LJ and Sara himself.





Michael and Whistler are walking and talking, neither trusting the other with the truth about who they are just yet. Whistler is sticking to his ‘Just a Fisherman’ story.

Michael then goes over to Basketball Kid to ask him where he can get a phone in this place. Basketball Kid tells him the phones don’t work. Michael wonders about the possibility of fixing them, just like he did the water, but apparently it’s not possible. So his only option is Lechero, who has the only mobile phone.


Restaurant Bar

Lincoln is telling Susan B about Michael’s need to talk to Dr Sara. She is not amenable to this idea, but Linc insists that it’s not a request. Susan B says that he has more chance of banging her on the bar than of talking to Sara. Linc is so not interested.

Linc keeps pushing, pointing out that Michael has already managed to get the bounty of Whistler. Susan B wonders where he’s planning on getting a phone anyway.



Lechero is getting pissy about something. He also calls T-Bag ‘Theodoro’, which is amusing, and tells him to make him a barber appointment. Why? He has no hair!


Meeting Cage

Whistler and Sofia have a little reunion. He asks if she’s got the book, she says that some guy took it off her and to tell him that Scofield’s brother has it now. She asks him who Scofield is and Whistler tells her that he’s someone who’s going to help him get out. Sofia thinks this means he’s a lawyer and Whistler lets her believe that.

Sofia wants to know why the book is so important but Whistler tells her that the less she knows, the safer she is and that she should just wait. She doesn’t like this plan, but Whistler smooths things over by telling her that she’s the only one he can trust. They touch hands through the fence and the guards don’t shout at them.

As she leaves and signs herself out, she notices Lincoln’s name and address in the visitors book. Useful.


Michael’s hanging around outside Lechero’s area, eyeing the mobile phone charger, when Enforcer Man tells him to stop loitering or he’ll find himself back in the ring again.

Mahone, meanwhile, is eyeing the junkies and contemplating his own lack of drug-based relief.

Michael then moves on to spy on Lechero weightlifting with the phone attached to his belt and a load of Enforcers standing around. He flashes back to getting the Polaroid of Dr Sara, just so we know how desperate he is to get this phone.

Lechero is making a phone call himself, but is soon cut off due to uncharged batteries. He takes it up to the charger and sends T-Bag off to fetch his laundry. Lech really likes how T-Bag fawns all over him in this really pathetic way and wonders why the rest of his gang can’t be such mindless sycophants.

T-Bag’s mission is interrupted by Michael, who wants his help getting the phone. T-Bag points out that he is not a miracle worker, so Michael threatens to tattle on him. He doesn’t think the good people of Sona would take very kindly to a guy who likes to rape children.


A while later, we see Michael hanging around, obviously waiting for Whistler to approach him and provide some more information. Whistler summarises what he knows so far, which is that Michael has a brother on the outside who took the book from Sofia. And Whistler wants it back. Michael wonders what the big deal is about the book, but Whistler says that since it doesn’t have detailed instructions on how to break out, he shouldn’t really care.

Michael says that what he knows so far is that some Very Bad People want Whistler out, and this fact makes him want to do the exact opposite. So, Whistler wonders, why is Michael helping him?

Michael pulls out the Polaroid of Dr Sara and snaps “You’re upset because someone took a book from you. This is what they took from me. So let’s be clear; this is what matters to me. Not you and not your book.”

So much MiSa love. I think I’m going to melt.


Lechero’s Office.

Lech is busy doing business on his phone, but once again the battery dies halfway through. The camera focuses on T-Bag as though to indicate that he may have something to do with this.


Meeting Cage

Crazy Mahone’s lawyer has arrived and he brings good news. Mahone has a court date. In a year. Mahone doesn’t think this is so much with the good, but the lawyer says that normally it would take a non-citizen two and a half years to see a judge.

Mahone says that another inmate, Michael Scofield, will testify that he planted the drugs on the boat. The lawyer is unimpressed and points out that another inmate taking the fall is usually the result of unethical collaboration and/or violence and threats in prison.

Junkie Mahone then makes a desperate plea for the lawyer to bring him more of his sweet, sweet drugs. Veratril, I think he said. Lawyer man is shocked and appalled at the suggestion and leaves, which causes Mahone to scream and claw at the fence in desperation. This only succeeds in making the guards shoot at the ground near him.


Lechero’s Office

Lechero and his gang head off to the barber, with the phone still sitting in its charger ready for T-Bag to steal it and take it to Michael, with the warning that he only has 26 minutes or they’re both dead.

Michael eagerly calls Lincoln with the instructions to have Dr Sara call this number. Linc is all, uh, yeah, haven’t actually got the bad guys to agree to this yet. Michael does not want excuses, he wants Sara voice.

We also get to see that Sofia is tailing Linc, and doing a much better job of it too.


The barber is the drag queen from before. Bellick appears to try and convince him to give him the other shoe. I think he’s offering sex, or at least services. Ew. Drag queen agrees with me.

Drag queen’s name is Pistachio. I’m sure there’s a joke or two there.

Anyway, before things can get too creepy, Lechero arrives for his appointment.


Meeting Bar

Lincoln manages to convince Susan B to let Dr Sara call Mike, so we get the phone call at last. And for all I’ve been looking forward to this I’m kinda put out at the way the voice doesn’t sound like Dr Sara to me at all.

The phone call is cryptic and weird. Michael says he’s seen her picture and understands the difficult place she’s in. Sara says she doesn’t want him to think like that because it’s a lost cause. She and LJ can see it’s a lost cause. She asks if he understands, Michael says he doesn’t. Sara wonders if he needs a little more time, it’s like they’re giving him until midnight and she’s sitting there at 3am.

One of the people with her cocks a gun at her head and she says they’re telling her to hang up now. But first they exchange ‘I love you’s. Awww.

Dammit, Sara better come back. She just has to.

After hanging up, Michael calls Lincoln with the news that they’re not in Santa Rita. He says that St Rita is the patron saint of lost causes and Sara wasn’t telling them where she was but what she could see. Now, I can see Michael the Catholic boy knowing who St Rita is, but Sara? I have a hard time believing that one.

T-Bag comes back and demands the phone. Michael tells him to stall while continuing his conversation with Lincoln. He repeats what Sara said about midnight and 3am, which completely confuses Lincoln. Michael says that they might be near a clock but he has to get off the phone now cos Lech’s coming back.

Michael hurries to Lechero’s office to return the phone, but he’s not quite quick enough. Just as Lechero is about to catch him in the act, T-Bag shouts out, drawing the attention to him. He says there’s something Lech should know, and from the way he’s shifting about I wonder if he’s about to announce his need for the loo. But no, he says he thinks the barber may have missed a spot and examines Lech’s head. Lechero is apparently pleased with this care and attention being lavished on him by T-Bag.

But that doesn’t stop him from realising that the phone is not set in its charger properly. Dun, dun, DUN!

Also, Enforcer Man is really not happy with T-Bag and his fawning.


Outside Somewhere.

Lincoln’s phone rings and he answers silently, just putting it up to his ear without saying anything. It’s a good thing too, because a greeting like “Hey Mike, what’s up?” would really have tipped off Lechero, who’s the one doing the calling. He asks “Who is this?” but obviously receives no reply.

He tells his men to track down the number. How exactly are they supposed to do that? Are you saying that as well as television and a mobile phone, Lechero also has a computer and access to phone records?

Linc’s luck doesn’t get any better when Sofia demonstrates her desire to talk to him by pressing a knife against his back. He tells her that he’s one of the guys helping to get Whistler out of Sona, but she still thinks Michael the lawyer is going to be doing that. Lincoln mentions that people have kidnapped his son to get him to help with this, which also seems to surprise her.

Linc then hops in his taxi, telling the driver to take him to the statue of St Rita.



Whistler seeks out Mahone to have a little chat. He starts by assuring the man that he doesn’t hold a grudge about the whole turning-him-over-to-certain-death-in-order-to-get-a-free-pass-out-of-prison-thing. We then find out that Mahone is from Ohio. How unexpectedly plain.

Whistler suddenly remembers where he knows Mahone from – he’s that cop who was chasing Scofield all the way from Chicago down to Panama. And now they’re both in prison together, ain’t that funny? Mahone doesn’t think so.

Whistler wants to know what he’s dealing with with Michael. Mahone tells him that the man will do just about anything for those he cares about, but if he doesn’t care about you then he’ll screw you three ways from Sunday. He conveniently forgets to mention that he’s not exactly innocent in all this and did kill quite a few people, including Michael’s father, before preparing to screw Michael and Linc over himself. So it’s not really surprising that Michael treated him badly.


Statue of St Rita

The statue is apparently the centre of the Red Light district in Panama and Linc has to fight his way through a horde of hookers to reach it. He then tries to work out what the 3am reference means, while proving himself to be the most unsubtle and conspicuous person ever by falling to his knees and muttering. I mean, surely he realises that the bad guys are around here somewhere. Doesn’t he care that he‘s drawing all this attention to himself?

In her convenient position by the window, Dr Sara sees Linc the Drama Queen and kicks her shoes off and out to him. He suddenly realises that if he’s looking at the statue as 12 o’clock, the building to his right will be at 3 o’clock.

He says Sara’s name and runs into the building. I like how he actually seems concerned about her as well as LJ, and not just because she’s the one giving him hints.

Lincoln bursts into the room just in time to see LJ being dragged out. LJ shouts to his father and Lincoln does his best to help, but alas it is to no avail. LJ and Dr Sara are whisked away in a van and Lincoln is left in the dust.



Susan B is going for a nice walk when someone calls to inform her that Burrows made a move. She is annoyed by the ruining of her day.


Sona Meeting Area

Linc tells Michael that he had the right place but couldn’t get to them in time. He confirms that LJ and Sara looked well and tells Michael that he can keep the Polaroid of Dr Sara, which he is still clutching like a life-line, as a souvenir to give to her when this is all over.

Michael is disheartened, but Linc reassures him that they can do this. He says escape must be possible otherwise the bad guys wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of putting him in there. I find this faulty logic. I rather think that the bad guys have found escape impossible and have put Michael in there in the desperate hopes that he’ll find something they missed.

Back inside, Michael flashes back to the dead guys being shot in the head when they were taken outside of Sona after the fight. Whistler appears and they have a nice chat. We finally get some backstory on Whistler and why he’s there. He says that he used to take people out on boat trips and about a year ago he took out this naturalist guy who took water samples and measurements. A few months after that some government types showed up asking questions about where he took the guy. He said he couldn’t remember but they kept hassling him so he came to Panama, moved in with Sofia and life was good. Until the bar fight.

He goes on to say that that’s why he needs the bird book; it’s his trip log. He wrote notes about coordinates and landmarks in the margins. What? He couldn’t get himself a proper notebook?

Anyway, he needs the book to retrace his steps. Michael isn’t sure he believes this and the uneasy truce between the two is unchanged.


Some stairs in Sona

Enforcer Man is being mean to T-Bag, who walks past him on the way to Lechero’s office. Lechero isn’t happy about being interrupted but T-Bag tells him he wants out. He says that trouble is brewing in the gang and he knows that the new guy always gets blamed, so he needs to leave.

Lechero denies his request, but is interested in his implications, and tells T-Bag that from now on he’ll be his ears and report back anything that he may hear. Oh, Lechero. How did someone as naïve as you get to such a position of power?


Pistachio’s Cell

Bellick is being stupid and trying to find the other shoe to steal. The music is appropriate and frankly I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to use a version of ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’

Bellick is then able to overhear the conversation between Michael and Crazy Mahone, during which Mahone wonders why the Conspiracy might have put Michael in this prison and why he’s so concerned with Whistler. Mahone is even crazier than usual in this scene and Michael, obviously noticing it too, tells him to go take a pill. Mahone doesn’t give up that easily and says that Michael won’t mind if he kills Whistler then. Michael points out that Mahone might want to think about what consequences upsetting the Conspiracy might have for him and those he loves.

Michael then returns to staring out the window and watches the bodies from before being buried, after being sprayed with something. It’s like a light bulb goes off above his head. Hmm…


Hotel Room

Poor Sucre is lying passed out by Linc’s door. We see in flashbacks that he sold his gun back and bought booze instead. Poor, poor Sucre.

Lincoln helps him into the room before answering a call from Susan B. She tells him that she knows he had to try and would have done the same thing herself. But, just so he understands that he’s never to try something like that again, she has left him a little present in the garage by the trash.

Lincoln makes his way down and catches sight of a white box with blood at the bottom. It’s about the right size for a human head. He approaches it cautiously as the music reflects his inner turmoil.

It is ominous…

It is dramatic…

It is… a cliffhanger. Crap.

Linc pulls the lid off and gasps in horror at what he sees. We don’t get to share his sight though.




My Thoughts:

They’re really emphasising the importance of Sara to Michael. I hope they’re not doing this so that it has a greater impact when they kill her off. But, really, they’ve gone so far in showing how much he loves her that if she was to die I think it would destroy him and then where will we be? She’s pretty much his whole reason for being right now.

I love the scene where Michael shows the Polaroid to Whistler and says she’s what matters to him. I’d love it even more if it wasn’t for the lurking fear that we will never get a Michael/Sara reunion or happily ever after.

T-Bag is a devious little bugger, isn’t he? He’s do well in Slytherin.

And what’s in the box? What could it be? I’m really worried it’s Dr Sara’s head or something. Since we’re a week behind America I could just look it up on the internet, but I’m going to be strong.

Still not overly impressed with season 3. Not only because of the lack of Sara, but also because I really don’t care about Whistler or Sofia and Lechero is a bit of a weak character for a guy who has supposedly managed to gain and keep control of a prison full of the most dangerous criminals in the world.

I miss when Prison Break was good and now have the urge to go and watch my season 1 DVDs again.

Best lines:

“You’re upset because someone took a book from you. This is what they took from me. So let’s be clear; this is what matters to me. Not you and not your book.” – Michael to Whsitler about Sara. Always worth repeating.
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